Download windows mail for windows 7

I had a Windows Vista computer & used Windows Mail for checking emails. I bought a new computer for my home-office but I don’t find the e-mail program on it. Can I install Windows Mail on Windows 7? If so from where can I tải về it?James Hall

Windows Mail which replaced the popular Outlook Express was the default email program on Windows Vista operating system. However, Microsoft stopped development and tư vấn and launched a newer email client – Windows Live Mail; note the similar names. Windows Mail was quite lượt thích Outlook Express – e-mail organization & interface were comparable. However, Windows Live Mail is markedly different from its predecessors.

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For instance, the interface and layout is much more flexible because it can be changed as per user requirement (great feature). Also each thư điện tử account one sets up in Windows Live Mail has its own mix of the five mặc định foldersInbox, Drafts, Sent items, Junk e-mail and Deleted items. Now I know this is taking thư điện tử organization to the extreme và may or may not appeal to lớn you. As per the feedback I get, most users fall into the latter set.


Windows Mail for Windows 7


Windows Mail, as far as I know, was never available as a separate download – it just came pre-installed on Vista. Also, why would you like to continue with a program that’s not being supported or developed any more? Thus, unfortunately, you cannot install Windows Mail program on Windows 7.

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I suggest you either use Windows Live Mail (which came with my Windows 7 VAIO laptop) or pick up one up from the các mục of popular thư điện tử programs – Thunderbird would be a good choice if you don’t want to be tied with Microsoft products.

Update – You can get Windows Mail on Windows 7!Apparently the new operating system has the Windows Mail Vista program… though seeming to lớn make it run smoothly involves a little extra effort và installing third các buổi party patches. I haven’t tried this myself. Why should I retrogress to lớn a program that is no longer being developed and supported? Also, I’ve been quite happy with Windows Live Mail.

Here is my take – Windows Mail is what I had employed on the Vista operating system for thư điện tử at the beginning. But I soon shifted to lớn Windows Live Mail và have been using it for over than a year. The latest program is much more than a email and new client because it can serve as an RSS reader & a blogging tool. The RSS reader feature is quite good but I did see a very small problem. I’m sure this has been ironed out in the latest version of Windows Live Mail that came with Windows 7.