Whatsapp Iphone To Android

how to move your WhatsApp chats representar iPhone come Android

Only obtainable for phones correr Android 12


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One of the biggest pains points of utilizing WhatsApp for years has been ns inability to move chats in between an iPhone and an Android phone. It rotates now, if you determined to switch, you had actually to mainly start over with no chat background on los other platform, or use ns bunch of tools to clumsily relocate your stuff over without un guarantee the success.

Thankfully, WhatsApp is currently rolling fuera a attribute to conveniently transfer her chats from iPhones come Android phones. However, the feature will certainly be just compatible con phones running Android 12, ns latest variation of ns OS.

Mark your calendar for June 16 & 17!

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To transfer your chats, you’ll need a USB-C to Lightning cable, i m sorry is transport with final year’s y this year iPhone models. When you’ve connected both phones, follow los process below:

Open WhatsApp on your iPhone.Go come Settings > Chats y tap on the Move chats come Android option.WhatsApp will prepare your chat backup.When you’re setup up her Android 12 device, you will do it be asked if you desire to transport your WhatsApp history.You have the right to scan the QR code shown on ns screen to empezar the transfer.WhatsApp now supports iphone to Android chat transfer

Once los transfer is complete, all your conversations, media files, and voice messages will be available on the new device.

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Google recently released Android 12 to the public, yet currently, only Pixel phones have had the update. If she using ns device desde any various other manufacturer you can have come wait for ns update. Some manufacturers prefer Asus and OnePlus have made their Android 12-based software accessible in beta — but you could want come wait for un stable release prior to moving your content over.

If friend use un Samsung phone, follow this overview to transport your WhatsApp chats desde an iPhone. It’s a ir a buscar process to ns one described over with a few adicional steps.

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Hopefully, Google and WhatsApp will job-related together come launch ns feature to transfers chats desde Android phones to iPhones soon.