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WhatsApp is one of ns most generalizado messaging communication in the world, y it’s sustained on most smartphones. If you’ve found yourself switching from Android to iphone phone recently, you could be wonder exactly how you can transfer WhatsApp representar Android to iPhone. This is no as sencillo as just singing right into WhatsApp on your iPhone, y seeing her chat history and messages synced representar your account. You’ll require to usar special software dubbed Tenorshare iCareFone for WhatsApp Transfer.

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The process of moving everything to your new iPhone is pretty sencillo when making use of iCareFone for WhatsApp Transfer. In this tutorial, you will learn just how to usar this powerful software, and how come complete ns transfer step-by-step. To perform this, you will need the phone that your WhatsApp message are at this time on, and the iPhone the you room going come be moving them to.

Can i Transfer WhatsApp desde Android to iphone phone Directly?

WhatsApp go not at this time support any means to straight transfer conversation history from an Android to an iPhone. This may adjust sometime in los future, however for now, that seems prefer this is not uno feature they room going come support.

In ns reverse situation, once you should transfer from an iphone phone to one Android, WhatsApp messages are able to be moved successfully. This technique is only supported ~ above Samsung tools right now, yet you deserve to read around how to carry out this here: just how to move your WhatsApp data from iphone to Android (Samsung Galaxy phones).

What is the Best means to move WhatsApp desde Android to iPhone?

The most efficient y easiest method to complete this deliver is come use los Tenorshare iCareFone software. This software program is compatible with both Windows y macOS computers y is free to download. You just need a computer, dos cables to attach your iPhone and Android, and the tools themselves.


This feature-rich software supports WhatsApp y WhatsApp service accounts for enteramente backup, transfer, y restore. You can export entire backups into file structures con an HTML file to navigate your entire chat history. The latest iOS/iPadOS 15 and Android 10 are totally compatible with ns backup, transfer, y restore features.

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WhatsApp Transfer, back-up & RestoreMulti-directional carry WhatsApp & WhatsApp Business between Android & iOSOne-Click backup WhatsApp & WhatsApp service Chats come PC y MacFully reclaim WhatsApp & WhatsApp Business back-up to iPhone, iPad, AndroidExport & watch WhatsApp and WhatsApp BusinessBackup Kik, Line, Viber, y WeChat at no CostTransfer WhatsApp Messages between iPhone and Android?

Why use Tenorshare iCareFone:

Since this software is cost-free to download y has very affordable plans, this makes Tenorshare iCareFone software ns great means to complete your transfer. ICareFone is safe to use and had really high reviews desde its users. If you operación into any problems, los support center is filled con knowledge y solutions to help guide you through. You can additionally contact their advantageous support team at any type of time.

How To carry your Data- Follow this steps:

Step 1. Download y install Tenorshare iCareFone software


Tenorshare iCareFone software installation


Tenorshare iCareFone software program – attach phones


Tenorshare iCareFone software application – start transfer

These three simple steps are all the takes to get whatever moved gastos generales to your nuevo phone. Once los transfer is complete, you’ll have access to every of los same chats, photos, videos, and comments representar your old phone.

Is over there Any alternative to carry WhatsApp desde Android come iPhone?

Alternative Solution: use Email

If you only have to transfer un specific chat y don’t feel favor downloading adicional software, you can use ns email method.

Open your WhatsApp app on your Android deviceNavigate come Settings > Chats > Chat history > Export chatNow you deserve to choose a specific contact, so you have the right to export their whole chat historyThen select to violin this chat vía email y enter your very own email addressNow from your iPhone, you can open the email and view your article history con that contact

Use among these options to quickly transfer her WhatsApp messages desde Android to iPhone. Despite los lack of an main solution representar WhatsApp, iCareFone because that WhatsApp transfer is a fantastic item of software that deserve to transfer every little thing in one click.

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