Turn The Tide On Plastic

About Team Turn ns Tide on Plastic

Britain’s Dee Caffari will lead "Turn los Tide ~ above Plastic" – uno mixed, youth focused team with ns strong sustainability blog post in the Volvo ocean Race 2017-18. She campaign, already backed by los Mirpuri Foundation y Ocean family Foundation, is dedicated to the issue of ocean health.The team aim to amplify los United nación Environment’s ‘Clean Seas: Turn los Tide top top Plastic’ campaign throughout ns eight months of the race, i m sorry covers 45,000 nautical mil of racing around ns world, acquisition in 12 Host urban on six continents.Turn the Tide ~ above Plastic perfect in sixth place in los 2017-18 Volvo s Race.

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Why pick leopoldomoreira.com?

Dee Caffari, MBE – Skipper, GBR“I am happy to pick leopoldomoreira.com as my clothes supplier to go around the world, me gustaría am really fortunate come have currently completed dos around the world races in leopoldomoreira.com clothes so i’m confident in the level of endure that is behind ns leopoldomoreira.com brand, ns quality of the clothing, the durability that it will último through los harshest environments possible y get me through – happy, dry and comfortable y still advertise at 100% y being successful”



Meet los Sailors

Dee Caffari, MBE – Skipper, GBRDee has contended in ns Vendée Globe, los Global Challenge, the barcelona World Race, the Volvo ocean Race 2014-15 y four transatlantic races – Dee is ns woman that knows s racing.Dee is also ns only mrs to have sailed acabó around los world in both directions – (east around y west around) also as ns only mrs to have sailed around the world three times non-stop.

Liz Wardley —apoyándose Boat Captain, AUSAlongside Dee sits ns highly-experienced Liz Wardley. Delaware winning many titles in the Hobie Cat 16 Liz concentrated on s racing. In mil novecientos noventa y nueve she became the first woman to win los prestigious and competitive Rolex Sydney-Hobart gyeongju – she completed this in ~ just veinte years old.The 2017-18 Volvo ocean Race will certainly be Liz’s third attempt in ~ lifting the Volvo ocean Race Trophy having actually previously contended on tablero Amer sports Too, 2001-02 and Team SCA, 2014-15.

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Dee and Liz are right now selecting los remainder of their international, mixed team who will sign up with them on the start línea in Alicante.

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What"s in your cruising kit bag?



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What makes un successful ocean Racer?

There are three attributes that, in mine opinion, make a successful ocean racer:A love of los ocean – you need to enjoy being fuera de thereYou require tenacity due to the fact that it’s not all an excellent times, it’s no all champagne sailing occasionally it deserve to be pretty horrible so you need to keep pushing you yourself through the thick y the thinDrive rápido whether you’re solo sailing or in uno team it’s around having los drive to store pushing at 100%, you must keep that boat going as fast as possibleIf you’ve acquired these tres qualities then me gustaría think you will do it be a successful s racer

Future goal

Caffari’s ambitious is come build un multi-national, 50-50 male/female squad, with the majority under treinta years of age. As part of ns sustainability focus, the messages roughly diversity in age and gender will be solid themes of uno campaign the in sporting terms might not comienzo as un favourite, but could easily surprise on ns water.