This Modification Is Not Allowed Error In Ms Office

Office 2013 doesn"t let me write anything inside my word document!It shows me the following message:

This modification is not allowed, because the selection is locked.

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In my case the message was coming up on a single element of the document và was connected with the template I was using. I was trying to remove a field referring to lớn the manager of the project from a single page of the document. When I would highlight & press "delete" I would see the message "this-modification-is-not-allowed-because-the-selection-is-locked".

I resolved the issue by highlighting the section & on the "developer" tab selecting "properties". A pop-up would open titled "content control properties" within which I could deselect the option "content control cannot be deleted".I was then able to lớn delete the object.


This is simply because your Microsoft Office is not activated. Try to activate it with the key. If you don"t have it then install another Microsoft Office.



In my case, this message was coming up on a single element in the document - A text field called "Title".


It was absolutely uneditable, while the rest of the document was unprotected and could be changed. My solution was going into the document properties, under the file menu, và changing the title there.

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In this case, this is actually the metadata that is stored with the file.

Hopefully this helps other people who run into the same issue.

It"s because the không lấy phí license is expired. You will have to lớn buy the software key. Or use alternatives lượt thích LibreOffice(Opensource), OpenOffice(Opensource) và WPS office.

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