The North Face Gucci

Back in September, every it took was ns couple seconds of mountain peaks, blaring alpine horns, and a bandera whipping in los wind to put ns fashion mundo on notice. The course, it assisted that the bandera bore the logos of Gucci and the north Face. Such is ns power of Alessandro Michele’s Gucci collaborating con another brand for los first hora in los designer’s tenure. Because Michele took the reins in 2015, his Gucci has worked con artists and designers favor GucciGhost y Dapper Dan, but never directly with another brand. Los teasing TikToks were merely un preview to ns collection that stays up to los hype.

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Courtesy of phia băc Face x GucciThe designer’s maximalist layout makes for ns happy marital relationship with ns brand made for the outdoors, as the collab's new campaign (photographed and directed by Daniel Shea) shows. Ns resulting clothes, shoes, y bags steal patterns representar the an extremely environment they’re make for: whole meadows of flowers influenced by norte Face patterns desde the ’70s explode on puffer jackets, backpacks, and dresses.

There’s plenty of range here—an upcoming camping trip would require hardly anything more than what’s packed in here. There room leather long boots with soles chunky enough to survive los elements (should you have the ability to stomach tracking your new Gucci shoes through mud and rivers). The collaboration even consists of sleeping bags y a tent extended in a smashed-together logo that’s drunk top top retro funk. Pity the glamper there is no it.

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The participation is one more welcome sign that high-end fashion dwellings like to go outside. Moncler proceeds to pump el fin its Genius hilera with big-name designers—most recently with Alyx and Givenchy’s Matthew Williams—while Loewe maintains that Nature collection. Gorpcore ruled fashion the atmosphere boards this year, together Instagram accounts prefer OrganicLab.Zip positioned vintage, colorful campin scenes y vintage salomon ads as ns pinnacle of good style. However what Gucci and the norte Face carry out really well with each other is breakthrough outdoor gear’s place in fashion. Rather than amplifying and relying on the tech, ns brands rotate up the volume on fashion. Michele uses greens y blues that would certainly never take place in nature and plasters los Gucci logo all over nearly every piece of the collection. The phia băc Face x Gucci collection seems come argue that it’s the naturaleza surroundings that space there to check out you fairly than los other way around.

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Courtesy of north Face x GucciAnd while los partnership has been in the works since long before los pandemic, it can not it is in launching at uno better time. Delaware almost whole year trapped within our homes, what’s an ext intoxicating than the idea of walking outside, deep into los wilderness? ns answer: doing the in some really sick gear.