What Does 'The Itunes Store Is Unable To Process Purchases At This Time' Message Mean And How Can I Fix It?

Last updated on May 29th, 2021

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Some iPhone users had reported a problem, they couldn’t update Apps from iTunes, and whenever they try lớn purchase apps from iTunes. They getting a pop-up message like “The iTunes Store unable to lớn process purchases at this time”. I think many of you are experiencing this same issue. Here, I going to nội dung some tricks with you so that you can get rid of this issue.

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Fix 1: Restore your device

Make sure khổng lồ backup all your data before doing this process. To vì that,

Open icloud.com on your PC/Mac và sign in with your apple ID & Password.Click Find My iPhone ->All Devices and then select the iPhone you want to choose.Tap on Erase iPhone and Confirm.Now, connect your device to your PC/Mac and mở cửa the iTunes option.After that, select the device & then tap on Restore Backup in iTunes.

Fix 2: check for Software Updates

If your device is an outdated version of iOS, then it might cause this problem. So, make sure to use the latest version of ios on your device. To vày that,

Launch Settings -> General -> Software Update.Tap on  “Download và Install”.And update now, tap on the install now option.That’s it.

Fix 3: Turn Off & Turn On Wi-Fi

Sometimes turn off and turn on the Wi-Fi will solve this problem. So try this one.

First, turn Off Wi-Fi on your device.And then wait for a few seconds.Now again turn On your Wi-Fi.After that, restart your device.

Fix 4: Sign Out and then Sign in to iTunes Account

Many problems will solve by doing this sign-out and sign in lớn the iTunes account. So for that,

Launch Settings -> iCloud.

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Scroll down khổng lồ choose Sign Out.Wait for few seconds and then again Sign in khổng lồ your iTunes Account.

Fix 5: Change the Credit thẻ on iTunes on iPhone

On your device, launch Settings.Select iTunes và App Stores.Click on your Apple ID (at the đứng top of your screen):Then the pop-up box will be shown on the device và tap on View táo bị cắn dở ID.Enter your Apple ID password, if asked.Tap on Payment Information và enter the payment details of the New Credit card you want lớn use.Once you have entered all the Payment information (includes Billing address) of your Credit thẻ click the Done (at the top) button.Again click Done lớn exit your táo bị cắn dở ID trương mục Settings.


Check the táo khuyết system status page

Make sure to kiểm tra the táo bị cắn dở system status page, if it is an outage of the services or not. If it is any problem with the system status, then wait for a time. Táo bị cắn will fix it soon.

Guys, the above-mentioned solution will surely fix this problem. If you know any other solution to lớn fix this issue, then kindly mô tả with me through your comments below. Thank You…

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