The hat madrid rooftop bar

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Pleasant weather throughout much of los year linked with un jaw-dropping cityscape make madrid the idealistas place to gain rooftop drinks.

In enhancement to gift perfect because that enjoying good vibes, drinks y views, the best rooftop bars in madrid are great for soaking up some vitamin D. Litter in ns fact that they’re every Instagram photographer’s dream come true, y there’s really cuales reason not to go.

Not certain where to get started? From extendido favorites to lesser-known concealed spots, below are los rooftop bars in la capital de españa you won’t want to miss.


1. Círculo de bellas Artes

Grabbing uno drink in ~ this above rooftop bar in la villa de madrid is a must. Perched atop carreteras Alcalá, ns Azotea después Círculo supplies unbelievable see of los city. Lounge chairs overlook the bustling highways of Madrid y are an sobre steis spot to catch the sunset.

Entrance expenses €5 y is fine worth ns trip to los top. If there, make certain to catch the arte exhibitions housed in ns cultural center below.

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Get ns stunning check out of la villa de madrid at sundown representar the Círculo de Bellas artes rooftop. Fotografía Credit: peralscamille

2. Ns Hat

Tucked right behind Plaza Mayor, los Hat is ns modern, caderas hostel the boasts one of ns best “secret” rooftop bars in los city.

Bask in the sun while looking out over Madrid’s classic buildings y enjoy ns relaxed vibes. From minty mojitos come refreshing piña coladas, your drink food selection is alone is reason enough to store you there every day. But, if you work-related up one appetite, go ahead y order few of their delicious caps like Spanish tortilla, grilled octopus or also sliders.

Enjoy ns cold drink if overlooking beautiful Madrid. Foto credit: spicyicecream

3. Mercado san Antón

Far representar traditional, the san Antón industry is un great ar to gather with friends and enjoy distinct tapas y drinks. However that’s not all—head up to the upper deck and take in los view of the Chuecaneighborhood when enjoying handmade cocktails.

This is one of the most extendido rooftop bars in la capital de españa for locals kicking off los weekend, y a great place to comienzo your night fuera de on ns town.

Be certain to take some time to explore ns bustling industry itself, too! foto credit: Jorge Franganillo

4. Gymage

Gymage is ns multifunctional an are that is composed of ns luxury gym, theater, spa and a restaurant. It’s likewise one of the top rooftop bars in madrid to lounge around, drink cocktails and soak up los sunshine.

Their rooftop terrace opens up in ns afternoon y stays open up until fine into ns early morning hrs of the next day, therefore you have plenty of tiempo to take un break and fall in love with la capital de españa even more.

Catching un sunset in ~ Gymage is uno stunning method to fin the day. Fotografía credit: Andreajd19

5. El Viajero

El viajero is a popular spot to enjoy un laid-back meal in the La latino neighborhood. Their menu offers everything representar pizza y croquetas come hummus samplers, making that an affordable and trendy option for a day out.

Aside representar their delicious food, los rooftop bar has ns beautiful view with plenty of room to take it in the sights.

6. Cielo Bar – Hotel Riu Plaza España

360º panoramic views over central Madrid from the 27th floor with uno gravity-defying glass walkway separating two different parts of los space—need we say more?

As one of los newer additions to Madrid’s rooftop scene, the cielo Bar in ~ Hotel Riu Plaza españa takes the ancha refrain de la capital de españa al cielo to another level. You can also see uno glimpse of ns mountains on los outskirts of the city!

Keep in mind that there is ns fee to access ns bar for non-hotel guests, but the views and drinks room well worth it.

The views representar the cielo Bar will certainly take your breath away. Foto credit:

7. Oscar’s Terrace – Room amigo Oscar Hotel

The sleek terrace overlooking the city atop los Room compañero Oscar Hotel has become a favorite clues in la villa de madrid among locals y visitors alike. Los vibe below ranges from chill y laid-back during los week, to un full-on party come weekends, but you’re guaranteed to have ns great time alguno matter what.

Here, you can choose from more than 30 craft cocktails to sip as you relax y drink in los views of the city.

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Oscar’s Terrace is also página de inicio to among our favourite rooftop pools in Madrid, though there is an entrance fee to los pool because that non-hotel guests.

Chill out and relax on Room compañero Oscar’s incredible rooftop! photo credit:

8. Picalagartos sky Bar & Restaurant

Situated in one of the most emblematic buildings on estupendo Vía, Picalagartos seamlessly blends uno classic 1950s-inspired style with un fun and modern vibe.

With a fabulous wine selection and expertly do cocktails offering an excellent value for money, Picalagartos is ns perfect rooftop bar in la capital de españa to comienzo your night out—or to reap an unforgettable dinner overlooking ns city. Save in mind the lines to gain in have the right to be rather long, so consider booking in advance.

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