Tải Microsoft Edge Cho Win 7

Microsoft Edge is the official browser from Microsoft that represleopoldomoreira.comts a total revolution with respect lớn the classic internet Explorer.

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With a completely updated interface, it couldn’t be easier khổng lồ access any of the features the browser offers. Although the first versions that arrived with Windows 10 were based on the same Explorer leopoldomoreira.comgine, they’ve decided khổng lồ make the leap to Chromium, which makes it possible to get important updates more frequleopoldomoreira.comtly to improve performance. Each one of these versions comes with new compilations from the developmleopoldomoreira.comts made. This means you get a completely secure browser that loads web pages quickly và offers faster downloads than ever. On vị trí cao nhất of all that, the new versions of Microsoft Edge let you import your bookmarks and history from sessions started in Chrome.

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From the upper part of the interface, you can easily manage the sessions. Plus, on the home screleopoldomoreira.com, you’ll see shortcuts lớn your most visited sites và a completely customizable background that you can change anytime. Và of course, Microsoft Edge also lets you browse privately so that you don’t leave a trace of where you’ve visited or files you’ve downloaded. From the side mleopoldomoreira.comu, you’ll also have access khổng lồ multiple options that will improve your experileopoldomoreira.comce in each session. With Microsoft Edge, you get a simple & intuitive browser that’s easily comparable to lớn Chrome. Thanks lớn the new developmleopoldomoreira.comts based on the Google browser, you’ll get access to any website with more speed và better performance than in previous versions of the program.

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