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a trò chơi by Nintendo Genres: Action, Platformer Platforms: GBA,

NES Editor Rating: 7.8/10, based on 4 reviews User Rating: 7.1/10 - 117 votes Rate this game:




The indomitable brothers, Mario & Luigi are back with their hopping antics in the second sequel to one of the most spellbinding clip games in the world, Super Mario Bros. 3.

An Odyssey Through Eight Worlds

In "Super Mario Bros. 3", Mario và Luigi are faced with the ultimate challenge of venturing into eight new worlds with more than 80 areas to lớn save Princess Peach from the evil hands of the sorcerer Kuppa King. Each world has a ruler who has been transformed by a magic spell into some creature or another.

Only the magic wand possessed by the fierce, gargantuan guardian at the over of each world can restore each ruler back khổng lồ his original human form. It is up to lớn Mario or Luigi to lớn wrest this magic wand from the wild and savage guard khổng lồ bring normalcy back lớn each world.


A Snapshot of the Eight Worlds

The first world is the Grass Land with its lush, green terrain. The ruler has been changed by sorcery into a humble dog. Mario và Luigi have khổng lồ comb eight areas khổng lồ retrieve the magic wand.

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The third world is a watery adventure in Ocean Side, where the brothers are surrounded by deadly Spiny"s Eggs, poison-spitting Lotus flowers, & lurking hungry giant fishes. Mario and Luigi must clear the course of its obstacles before the ruler can change back from a slimy, old toad khổng lồ his royal highness. There are 11 areas of difficulty to lớn cover.

Everything is double its kích thước in Big Island, the fourth world. Here, Mario and Luigi have khổng lồ survive against the deadly jaws of greedy carnivorous plants, Spiny"s Eggs, coral reefs, and the hammer-wielding Hammer Brothers. The royal ruler has been transformed into a hideous reptile by black magic. Mario and Luigi will have khổng lồ journey through eight areas before reaching the ship which houses the guarded magic wand.

In the fifth world, Mario và Luigi are transported into The Sky. They have khổng lồ venture through 11 different areas, as they make a tortuous climb along a zig-zagging bridge of bricks to the heavens. Hopping, skipping, & jumping over moats of bubbling molten lava, the brothers once more show their prowess against voracious piranha plants và flying turtles. With the aid of staircasing drifting logs, the brothers are able khổng lồ escape from their adversaries. The ruler of The Sky has been changed into a bird.

The sixth world, Iced Land, has a ruler who has been transformed by the Kuppa King into a seal. In order khổng lồ break the spell, Mario & Luigi have lớn journey through 13 areas of freezing temperatures, hopping over blocks of ice, and "moonwalking" over slippery grounds. With the help of a frog suit, they are able khổng lồ escape from their aquatic enemies.

The seventh world is the Pipe Maze, a convolution of pipes of every imaginable shape & size. Lurking in the pipes are the much-dreaded piranha plants, snapping their razor-sharp teeth in unison. The mighty ruler of this world has been turned into a piranha plant himself. The brothers must endure the 12 most difficult areas in this game in seeking the magic wand. By hopping on the box marked with an arrow, Mario or Luigi can maneuver the box to lớn move in the direction he pleases to lớn avert the advances of the pesky enemies. There are also blocks with musical notes that serve as spring boards for quick escape.

The eighth world is the Kuppa Castle where the brothers are besieged with tanks, cannons, and boomerangs. Princess Peach is only within an arm"s reach to safety, so the Mario brothers cannot fail her now. While evading the laser-emitting gargoyles in the dank và dark dungeon, Mario & Luigi have lớn duck from the ghosts in hot pursuit. & then there are the blowtorches, và the moats of molten lava along the way. After going through 10 areas of wits versus weaponry, Mario và Luigi finally come face to lớn face with the fireball-breathing Kuppa King. He is a nasty giant of a king with a disposition to match. A fierce battle ensues, và the Mario brothers are victorious. Princess Peach is saved. The curtain falls.

Touches of a Super Game

There are some new characters to the line of original enemies who try to make the brothers" life miserable as they journey through a maze of obstacles. The music & sound effects of this trò chơi set a mood for each world, from a honky-tonk beat lớn eerie, suspenseful music. The Super Mario Bros. 3 gamepak is equipped with a maps screen for each world that shows which areas one must complete before eliminating the Kuppa guardian who is holding the magic wand. Along the way the brothers will find bonus rooms which give extra lives & items khổng lồ use. On the maps screen there is an thành tựu sub screen. Mario và Luigi can hold many items lượt thích mushrooms, flowers, stars, leaves, và other power-ups that they can use before the cấp độ has started so survival will be easier against these enemies. Not only can Mario & Luigi run and jump, they can also fly with the leaf that transforms them into raccoons. By flying high in the sky they can find secret pipes và power-ups. All these nice options help the brothers complete their quest khổng lồ defeat the Kuppa King. This trò chơi is not for amateurs, but it is for all adventurers. Are you ready for the ultimate challenge of Super Mario Bros. 3?