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Age of War
Max Games Studios
Unlimited Coins
Android 2.3

Use the money available in Age of War MOD apk to build & grow a mighty empire, ready to defeat all enemies.

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Introduce about Age of WarMOD android version of Age of War

Introduce about Age of War

A classic tower defense game for Android

Basically, Age of War is a tower defense game, with gameplay similar to Royal Defense King and Grow Castle. You will fight enemies in each level.


The bản đồ is divided into two sides. Once the war begins, the enemy will constantly bring troops to lớn your land khổng lồ capture và destroy. You will do the same thing, repel all enemies to destroy their tower. When the tower is destroyed, the enemy will no longer be able lớn summon the units, and the battle ends with your own victory.

Age of War is in the style of a classic goalkeeper game with primitive gameplay, 2 chiều graphics và simple effects. The nostalgia of the game is very suitable for longtime gamers, they can find the feeling that old games used to bring.

Grow your empire

Each level in Age of War, you will face stronger enemies and more waves of enemies. They are really dangerous when the army is large & extremely ferocious being lead by a talented tactician. At that point, you have to vị your best lớn beat them.

First of all about resources. You need to lớn upgrade your empire to unlock new technologies & armies. With the usual logic, you can easily see that, but primitive warriors using sticks, swords or shields would not be able to lớn beat soldiers armed with guns & bombs, right? and Age of War has a lot of troop units. You can unlock them và buy them when you have enough experience points.

However, to be able to lớn win, you must also pay attention khổng lồ tactics. Each unit type has its own strengths and weaknesses. If you understand how each unit type is fought, you will know how lớn choose the right units for each battle.

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Unlock the new tower lớn get more advance technology

The tower is the kingdom’s last line of defense, where warriors are pouring blood lớn protect. With a tower powerful enough, you can easily unlock new technologies và new troop units. It is also the target of each player that must be destroyed while participating in a fight.


Age of War has 15 types of towers. They have a very unique shape, you can get them with enough experience to lớn upgrade the existing tower. At that time, new technologies are unlocked. The tower not only has a more eye-catching appearance, but it can also be equipped with a number of weapons such as crossbows, cannons and missiles. New weapons have also been added. You can even buy a few armored cars, tanks và many other war weapons.

The fast-paced tower defense strategy game

Overall, Age of War is a very fast-pace strategy game. You start with a rock cave with a primitive tribe. Và over time, you will nâng cấp your tower, develop your technology và your army so you can fight the enemy.


Your main job in Age of War is lớn buy units and upgrade towers. These jobs cost coins, but you can earn them by defeating enemies on the battlefield. The troops will automatically move towards the opponent’s tower và attack whatever is in their way. Therefore, you will not ignore the trò chơi while the battle is still ongoing. You will have to lớn buy additional troops when they are defeated on the battlefield. Upgrade towers to get more advanced technologies.

In fact, each battle in Age of War is quite long. As your troops get closer to lớn the opponent’s tower, the weapons set up on the tower will attack your army. Và if they are strong enough, your army will be swept clean & help them regain their balance.

MOD apk version of Age of War

MOD feature

Unlimited Coins: You have lots of coins in battle after buying a unit.

Download Age of War MOD app android for Android

Age of War is a classic trò chơi of defense strategy game, entertaining and interesting. If you are one of those who loves strategy, you should not miss this game. It has a lot of challenges, especially the Generals mode. There are 10 best generals of all time waiting for you. Join the fight, show your skills và defeat them!