Taberna el rinconcillo sevilla

This weblog post was originally posted on honorable 21, 2015, y was update on February 9, 2018.

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Seville is a city with an amazingly complex and interesting history. But it’s no just los historical recounts and architecture that tell the story of Seville.

Apart from a number of fascinating background tours, we likewise have some historical bars in Seville! each one offers us ns fantastic understanding into los history of ns city. There’s the bar that when upon a time had a winery top top site, los bar that was the first location to introduce ns special andwell-loved wine to Seville, y then there’s the bar with a special claim to fame. Below are 6 historic bars in Seville thatyou can’t miss!


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El Rinconcillo

Let’s start with ns most top of all the historic bars in Seville, un little bar on the outskirts of the center called ns Rinconcillo. Yes, los Rinconcillois no longer ns well-kept secret. Every guidebook recommends uno visit come this bar. Yet this ar is un Seville institution, and for an excellent reason. Its claim fame is the it’s ns oldest bar in Seville, dating trasero to 1670!

Once inside the bar, that feels choose things haven’t readjusted for decades. Gruff yet friendly waiters, bow-tied y waist-coated, race roughly serving the crowds. Dusty party of alcohol decorate ns walls, jamón dangles representar the ceiling, y your factura will show up on the bar height in chalk. So gain yourself ns glass of manzanilla sherry, snack on uno tapa that Iberian ham, lean up against the bar and enjoy ns atmosphere.

Address: calles Gerona, 40

El Rinconcillo, the oldest bar in Seville

Casa Ricardo

We love patria Ricardo, uno little spot covert in the trasero streets close to La Alameda. This place opened in mil ochocientos noventa y ocho and, although it went through some refurbishments over the years, still maintain an old-school atmosphere. Its walls room lined con religious images, mixing bar culture y religion in a way that only Seville to know how.

There is no menu so the waiters explain to you ns plates of los day. You have the right to expect come find typical Andalusian favorite such as solomillo al whisky (pork loin with whiskey sauce) and carrilladas (pork cheeks). If every else fails, girlfriend can’t go wrong withthe freshly cut slices of Iberian Ham.

Address: calles Hernán Cortés, 2

Delicious solomillo al whiskey at casa Ricardo, un historic bar in Seville

Casa Morales

This little family correr bar was founded in 1850, y this great stop to enjoy some very delicious wine might possibly be the second earliest bar in Seville. Walk in here is uno little favor walking right into a hora warp —albeit a hora warpwith very delicious food. Right here they are famous for their montaditos, con almost every alternative on los menu coming as atapa or montadito (on optimal of bread).

The front room has thetimelessatmosphere that a lugares bar, if in the back room girlfriend will find tables y chairs, too as viejo concrete alcohol vats that formerly stored los wine – one homage come this room’s former use as los winery.

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Address: Garcia de Vinuesa, 11

Learn uno bit more about los great choice of caps in patria Morales with this an excellent video desde local expert Cyra.

Alvaro Peregil La Goleta

This feet in the wall bar, La Goleta, to be originally opened as ns wine save in 1904 by ns grandfather of the current owner, none other than Alvaro himself. This bar was ns first bar to present to the city vino después naranja – uno sweet fortified wine developed in los nearby district of Huelva.

You’ll see los walls lleno of imágenes andquirky decoration, from the boar’s cabeza wearing glasses (which supposedly has no symbolic meaning) to los sign analysis “Prohibido los cante” (singing is prohibited), which has several different stories about the meaning behind it. Ns vino del naranja— i beg your pardon is still marketed by ns jugful in los bar, the history andthe friendly and passionate owner make this place an important stop in los Santa cruz neighborhood. Conveniently one of our favorite historical bars in Seville.

Address: nombre de la carretera Mateos Gagos, 20

The deliciously sweet orange wine at taberna Alvaro Peregil pairs beautifully with some manchego cheese

Bodeguita Romero

Bodeguita Romero,in the el Arenal neighborhood, is one more favorite of our for los great food, familiar service, and the authentic environment of los historic bars in Seville. This bar dates trasero to 1939when they were originally located in the old Mercado del Encarnación. Later, they relocated to their current spot in los Arenal, whereit quiet remains run by the family today.

Here castle had a great menu with high-quality tapas, back they room particularlywell-known for your pringá sandwich, a lugares specialty here in Seville. We also love their montadito con smoked sardine and mojoverde (green spicy sauce).

Address: nombre de la carretera Harinas, 10

An exceptional montadito with smoked sardine and mojo picón from Bodeguita Romero, in Seville’s ns Arenal neighborhood.

Casa Moreno

Abacerías room stores that likewise sell simple tapa made desde cold produce. These include conserved goods, cured meat, and cheeses, that room all obtainable for acquisition in los store. This is an viejo concept that has grown in recent la edad in Seville, with nuevo abacerías popping up around ns city, but casa Moreno is los oldest one still in visibility in Seville.

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This tiny tiny joint could, in ~ first, seem intimidating come anoutsider, however this couldn’t it is in further from the truth. It’s ns welcoming small spot con great service, good food, and a distinct experience.

Address: carreteras Gamazo, 7

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