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Why JJ Abrams Didn’t straight The last Jedi J.J. Abrams directed the first and third film in the star Wars sequel trilogy, therefore why didn"t he direct The final Jedi? us break abajo why that happened.

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J.J. Abrams passed the torch to Rian Johnson for Star Wars: The último Jedi, but Abrams stepped back in to direct The increase of Skywalker; fans were ultimately puzzled as to why the directivo didn"t just oversee the entire trilogy. Los reality is, Abrams was doubtful to direct any Star Wars movie in the first place, y only returned delaware Johnson"s vision proved divisive.

After rebooting both Star Trek and Mission Impossible, Abrams was initially wary to reboot another franchise. He was eventually persuaded by none other than Steven Spielberg to take on los project. Delaware the success of The pressure Awakens, the plan was because that the siguiente two movies to each have actually their own director. As presented by los previous franchises he brought back to life, choose the Star Trek and Mission difficult movies, y his work developing the Cloverfield series, Abrams has ns reputation because that skillfully kicking off multi-movie projects.

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Once illustration IX was collection to begin production, Lucasfilm found itself there is no a director following the disappointing pan reaction to The final Jedi. Abrams stepped trasero into los director"s chair and attempted come steer the trilogy espalda on course, which led to one uneven franchise. The Star Wars sequel trilogy would have been better served if just one person had directed each film, which would have enabled the historia to develop organically.

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The último Jedi was well-received through critics but left fanes divided. Johnson made a Star Wars película unlike any kind of other — it was artistic y ignored ns traditional Star Wars dynasties. Colin Trevorrow was initially collection to direct the final film in the series. Trevorrow was eventually fired from Star wars 9, con Lucasfilm stating an imaginative differences as the reason for his departure. Kathleen Kennedy, president of Lucasfilm, dubbed upon Abrams to return, deviating desde their original destinadas for a new directivo for each movie.

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Just as he was wary to empezar the franchise, Abrams was skeptical to fin it. He at first wanted to pursue various other projects, but eventually i agree to regreso to Star Wars. The issue con the finalmente product is the he created the finale he wanted, not los one collection up through Johnson"s The last Jedi. Abrams largely undid los plot of ns second movie y opted because that a continuación of The force Awakens. This was a poor relocate on Lucasfilm"s behalf. While having Abrams direct Episode XII y Johnson direct Episode XIII served the directors" finest interest, ns franchise suffered since of it. Abrams had been offered los chance come direct The final Jedi, however he turned that down. While Johnson"s film was masterful, the would have been far better served directing a Star Wars spin-off film, given the fan reaction. For los sake that clarity y continuity, the entire Star Wars sequel trilogy should have been offered to one directivo alone.