Song Joong Ki Và Song Hye Kyo 2016

(UPDATED) Here’s a quick lookback at the story of 'Descendants of the Sun' stars tuy nhiên Joong-ki and tuy nhiên Hye-kyo


MANILA, Philippines (UPDATED) – Hearts are broken all over the world following news that our favorite reel-to-real Korean drama (K-drama) couple tuy vậy Joong-ki and song Hye-kyo have filed for divorce after almost two years of marriage. 

The elusive couple surprised everyone in 2017 when they went from denying dating rumors to announcing their wedding in the same year. Here’s a quick lookback at their love story. 

MAY 28, 2015 

Just two days after he was discharged from the military, Song Joong-ki attends the script reading for Descendants of the Sun.

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Also in attendance is his leading lady, song Hye-kyo. News that they will team up for the project came out a month before the script reading. 

SEPTEMBER 28, 2015 

Song Joong-ki, song Hye-kyo, và the rest of the cast & crew fly to Greece to lớn film overseas 

DECEMBER 30, 2015 

The cast và crew of the pre-produced drama wrap their filming.

FEBRUARY 2016-APRIL năm 2016

Descendants of the Sun airs in South Korea. The drama is about a soldier và a surgeon who fall in love while on the front lines of a fictional war-torn country, Uruk. 

MARCH 2016

Dating rumors start circulating. Tuy nhiên Hye-kyo and song Joong-ki deny they’re dating after they are spotted in thủ đô new york together.

JUNE 3, 2016 

Song Joong-ki and tuy vậy Hye-kyo attend the 52nd Baeksang Arts Awards ceremony together. Their drama wins the Daesang (Grand Prize) that night, while the couple took home popularity awards for the drama. The two racked up more awards at the year-end KBS Drama Awards.

JUNE 17, năm 2016  

Song Hye-kyo makes a surprise appearance at tuy vậy Joong-ki’s tín đồ meeting in China.

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During the fan hâm mộ meeting, tuy vậy Joong-ki tells the actress she’s “really pretty,” while song Hye-kyo says the actor is “very sincere and thoughtful when filming. I think he’s really cool.” 

A day after, tuy vậy Hye-kyo posts a photo of her with tuy vậy Joong-ki using the hashtag #songsongcouple, the couple’s nickname.


JUNE 2017 

The couple are rumored lớn be dating again, as the two were spotted in Bali, Indonesia, for different activities. Tuy vậy Hye-kyo’s agency clarifies that she went to lớn Bali “to attend a meeting for a project, not to meet song Joong-ki.” 

JULY 5, 2017 

Song Hye-kyo and tuy vậy Joong-ki’s agencies release a joint statement announcing the couple’s plan lớn marry in October of the same year. The statement reads: 

“A marriage is not only a private matter but also a meeting between two families, so it was a delicate situation in many ways.”

“There was no choice but to lớn be cautious prior to marriage, & so we are at last conveying this message. We ask for everyone’s understanding,” the statement added. “We ask for you lớn send the couple best wishes for their beautiful future together, and the two actors will be conveying the news to lớn their fans separately. Thank you.”

The two also release separate statements. Tuy vậy Hye-kyo says that throughout the project, she realized how they both had similar values and ideas, and that “it would be good to spend my future with him.” 

Song Joong-ki, meanwhile, says that after filming the drama, he “gained another precious friend who I shared my honest feelings with, and we developed a loving relationship.”

“At the start of 2016, we promised to spend the rest of our lives together by understanding each others’ weaknesses và helping each other through harsh times. So I will be starting a new life with Miss song Hye Kyo through our wedding on the last day of October 2017,” he says.

OCTOBER 31, 2017 

The couple tie the knot in a star-studded wedding. Their agencies also tóm tắt pre-nup photos taken in San Francisco in September 2017, according lớn the Straits Times

NOVEMBER 3, 2017

Song Hye-kyo posts one of the couple’s wedding photos on Instagram, with the caption: “Thank you so much for your sincere understanding và interest và also for blessing us with loving hearts.” This is the last time she posts a photo of her with tuy nhiên Joong-ki on Instagram.