Buy Galaxy S7 Edge (Dual Sim) Black 128Gb

As expected, Samsung has officially announced the new, đen Pearl color variant of its Galaxy S7 edge smartphone, making it the seventh color for the device. The new màu sắc will be exclusive lớn 128GB models of the handset, and will be available starting December 9.

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"The new đen Pearl Galaxy S7 edge follows the xanh Coral and Pink Gold editions released earlier this year," the tech giant said in a press release. "While those were largely inspired by calming, natural hues, đen Pearl was designed to lớn be modern & striking."

As for the countries in which the new black Pearl mã sản phẩm will be available, while Samsung just said "select markets," a recent rumor suggested that the firm"s home country of South Korea will get it first.


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Reader comments

SamplessY10 Dec 2016

At least Samsung knows iphone still remain the best và S7 edge it"s an excellent smart phone to be honest still out perform the new apk flagship and this coming from Apple fan hâm mộ that using an IPhone 7 plus.

AnonymousRIE10 Dec 2016

I pray khổng lồ god & defend him like a fanboy. & no money going to my account either.

AnonD-4913133ZP08 Dec 2016

Well, i foresee this as being an incredibly good device (when compared to the current model), & its disapointing that Samsung does actually make phones whose specifications arent meant as a joke in storage & versatility (for South Korea at least)...

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