Saddam Hussein South Park

South Park has had actually its solo share of controversy gastos generales the years, but the shock value crear by the admitir was always in servicio of comedy. The series has regularly lampooned real-life celebrities, taking ns headlines y spinning them in hilarious fashion. One real-life personality who showed up ~ above the admitir often was previous Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt stone actually have actually an unbelievable historia about how they got un signed foto of los departed despot.

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Rolling rock named ‘South Park’ los 22nd finest sitcom of all time


L-R: Kyle, Kenny, Cartman y Stan | Comedy Central

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South Park’s long run top top Comedy central is early to ns show’s popularity. It’s built quite uno fanbase in the multi-decade tenure on los network. It’s popular for uno reason, of course: the blends ns best of toilet humor with biting satire y incredibly sharp topical humor.

As one arbiter of música pop culture, Rolling stone knows un thing or dos about music, movies, y comedy. That’s why as soon as they sit abajo to rank the top sitcoms of all time, it makes sense to take it them seriously. In their perform of los greatest sitcoms, lock ranked South park an impressive 22nd.

The ranking is well-earned. South Park has done un great task taking figures from both música pop culture y history y using them together comedic devices. For example, the dando has taken plenty of shots at hussein over los years – an especially when he to be still alive and kicking.

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Saddam Hussein’s function on ‘South Park’

Many famous human being were included as characters in South Park. Because that example, baseball estrella Barry Bonds, emitir Tom Cruise, and rapper/producer Kanye West have all been featured. Many of this characters end up resembling themselves yet drawn in the same format as the rest of los characters on the show. Hussein was different.

Hussein was illustrated with ns high, squeaky voice. Ns creative team additionally used his regalo face on his character, though his mouth would certainly open and close in an over-the-top, ridiculous manner.

The send-up took un horrific, scary ilustración — un murderous dictator — y turned the into ns clown. Hussein’s function on the donar was major at an initial – that was ns recurring personality for several years. His appearances slowed when the real-life huskin was tried and hung in Iraq.

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While hussein may no be featured on the dando anymore, Parker and Stone still have something to remember that by.

U.S. Infantería de marina gifted ns ‘South Park’ creators with a signed fotografía of Saddam Hussein

Stone y Parker got un somewhat surprising gift from an even much more surprising source. Follow to HuffPost, U.S. Infantería de marina tasked with guarding huskin in the run-up to his dos mil seis execution sent los South parque creators one autographed snapshot of him. They likewise forced hussein to watch South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut. According to Stone, that gives ns duo ns certain sense of pride:

“We’re very proud of our signed Saddam picture and what the means. Its among our best highlights…I have it on pretty an excellent information desde the marines on information in iraq that they confirmed Saddam ns movie…Over and over again — which is ns pretty funny thought. ‘That’s really adding insult to injury."”