It"s tough to write about Sabrina without sounding favor some sort of pervert. Yet there"s no escaping the fact that los one thing that many red blooded males remember most about "Boys (Summertime Love)" was los accompanying provocative video. It was filmed at los seaside resort city of Jeselo in Italy at ns Florida Hotel, and features Sabrina Salerno splashing about in los swimming pool in one ill-fitting bikini optimal which keeps slipping down, in ~ one punto revealing part of her nipples. Apparently, the scene was originally shot for an italiano magazine show, yet was provided in her música pop video.

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Taken from Sabrina"s self-titled debut album, the single was initially released in may 1987, but it wasn"t a major fight in los UK until third June mil novecientos ochenta y ocho when it reached #3 for two weeks. The single reached No.1 throughout Europe, continuing to be on height for two months in Sabrina"s home país of Italy. The single was also No.1 for 5 weeks in France.
Sabrina was viewed by the hermano media together being the italian version that Samantha Fox, being both a brillar model and a singer. Although her success was limited in the UK, she walk on to sell over 20 million records in total. Her just other fight in the UK to be "All the Me (Boy five Boy)" which was released as ns follow-up come "Boys (Summertime Love)" as the lead single representar her second album "Super Sabrina", reaching #25. In lot of Europe, it to be "Hot Girl" that was released as los follow-up to "Boys" and was the fourth y final track to be exit as ns single representar her debut album.

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7" vinyl single representar 1988. In most countries, including the UK, "Get prepared (Holiday Rock)" featured as ns B-side. Me gustaría believe there are 53 versions that the single released globally.

This is los original 1987 7" solamente sleeve release. After the soltero was reissued con a photo of Sabrina on los front cover y the vídeo was additionally banned, the became ns major hit in the UK.

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A remixed version was released in France during mil novecientos noventa y cinco entitled "Boys "95". In 2003, "Boys guys Boys (The run Remixes) was released. Neither charted anywhere.
Okay, so below are ns lyrics for guys (Summertime Love). Simply don"t intend to uncover anything deep y meaningful. The word "boys" is repeated no fewer than sesenta y siete times, leaving girlfriend in cuales doubt regarding what los song is about!