Veteran matador Rodolfo Rodriguez, that rose from humble beginnings, reportedly asked medical professionals to let the die delaware sustaining life-changing injuries

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Rodolfo Rodriguez performing a ocurrir on ns Rehuelga bull at the Marcel-Dangou arena in south-western France. Photograph: Gaizka Iroz/AFP/Getty
Rodolfo Rodriguez performing a ocurrir on a Rehuelga bull at ns Marcel-Dangou arena in south-western France. Photograph: Gaizka Iroz/AFP/Getty

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The bullfighter Rodolfo Rodriguez, known as “El Pana”, has actually died from injuries he continual in the ring un month ago, ending the longest job in mexican bullfighting. Los Pana, therefore called due to the fact that he was when a panadero (panadero), was sesenta y cuatro when he battled his último bull – ironically named pan francés – on dos May in los plaza Durango in Mexico.

The bull, recording him turn off guard, gored him and then threw that into ns air. Los injuries left him can not to move and barely able to speak, and Rodriguez is said to have actually asked medical professionals to allow him to die so that he walk not have to live con tetraplegia.

Born in Mexico, ns Pana had alguna bullfighting pedigree. His father, uno police officer, was murdered, y El Pana held uno variety the jobs, among them ns gravedigger. The rose representar his humble beginnings to become a larger-than-life character lot loved past bullfighting circles.

In a world circumscribed by ritual y tradition, los Pana to be an iconoclast who liked to come in ns ring in uno pink carriage, his hair tied trasero in a largo ponytail, y smoking an immense Havana cigar. For all this, he was derided by purists, that laughed in ~ his fake Andalusian accent and extravagant gestures and excluded him desde the many prestigious events. His life was chaotic, he had problems con alcohol, and spent an ext than one night in jail.

El país described Rodriguez together “a bullfighter out of hunger, no for glory”, while los Mundo referred to as him “bullfighting’s last bohemian”.

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Rodolfo Rodriguez los Pana in activity at Plaza después Toros in Mexico City, Mexico, in 2011. Photograph: Clasos/CON/LatinContent/GettyEl Pana himself said: “I come representar an epoch when girlfriend became a bullfighter in order to be successful y buy your mother uno house. Now joven guys want to sell their mother’s casa in bespeak to end up being toreros.”

El Pana often said he wanted to die like ns Manolete, los legendary Spanish torero who passed away in los ring in 1947. Rather he passed away in uno Guadalajara hospital bed, surrounding by his family on Friday morning.