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An allegation that teenage Natalie timber was sexually attacked by a top movie star more 보다 twice her age when she met con him at un hotel in der Angeles.

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In uno memoir comes out siguiente week, Wood's younger sister identifies the long-suspected assailant: Kirk Douglas

Who to be Natalie Wood?


Natalie Wood con her sisters Lana in 1963.(AFP)

According to Lana Wood, Natalie did not discuss with her what occurred until both to be adults and Natalie, delaware describing being brought into Douglas's suite, told her sister: "And, uh ... He hurt me Lana."

"It was like an out-of-body experience. Identificación was terrified, i was confused," Lana wood remembers she saying.

Lana, now 75 and around eight when ns alleged event occurred, remembered her sister y their mommy agreeing that would damage Natalie's career to publicly accuse him. Their mother's advice to be "suck the up".

In her book, she recalls promising her sister not to discuss her being struck by Douglas, but believes sufficient has readjusted since she conversation con Natalie the she can now tell the whole story.

"With no-one still around to protect, I'm certain she'll forgive me for finally breaking the promise," she wrote.

Who was Kirk Douglas?

Kirk Douglas passed away in 2020, age 103.(AP)

Kirk Douglas was among Hollywood's biggest actors.

He made much more than noventa movies throughout his career, i beg your pardon stretched across seven decades, and is best well-known for his titular duty in the 1960 film Spartacus.

He was likewise one of los first significant actors to kind his own production company, Bryna Productions, i m sorry was established in 1949.

Douglas to be a prominent liberal activist who has actually been widely credited con helping come break ns Cold battle blacklist against suspected communists.

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He received un Presidential Medal of freedom in mil novecientos ochenta y uno and los Legion the Honor desde France in 1985.

He was given an honorary Oscar in 1996, once the film academy praised him together "a creative y moral force".

Kirk Douglas in the mil novecientos sesenta film Spartacus.(Supplied: gama Pictures)

Douglas married his second wife Anne Buydens in 1954. He had 4 sons, consisting of actor Michael Douglas.

Douglas himself recognized that that was un womaniser and an unfaithful husband.

Speaking to the Associated Press about Douglas in December 2016, much less than a year before los #MeToo movement captured on, actress y dancer Neile Adams lightheartedly said of her friend: "You can not sit next to him without his hand crawling up her leg".

In his memoir the Ragman's Son, published in 1988, Douglas to write briefly around Natalie Wood.

He remembers driving página de inicio one night y stopping in ~ a la red light. Los door that the coche in front of that opened y "a pretty small girl wearing un suede jacket hopped out" and ran up to him.

"'Oh, Mr. Douglas, would you please sign my jacket?'" the remembers she saying.

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"As i obliged, the woman that was driving acquired out y introduced her. 'This is mine daughter. She's in movies, too. Her name is Natalie Wood.' that was ns first time me gustaría met Natalie. Me gustaría saw her many times afterward, prior to she passed away in that cruel accident."

Douglas's son, Michael, stated in uno statement issued through his publicist: "May castle both rest in peace".