Red Bull Rampage 2018

While others all set for Halloween, hill biking entusiastas spent October counting abajo to the dos mil dieciocho Red Bull Rampage. Some of los best riders in the deportes gathered outside Virgin, Utah, on Friday for ns 13th version of the world’s many spectacular freeride event.


This year, 21 riders were invited to compete at a new site with ns somewhat unconventional setup: lock had 4 days to build and shape their own lines in the neto dirt near Zion national Park, on uno mountain challenge known because that its slim dropoffs, technical roca features, y hairpin turns. To many of us, ns course looks impossible to andar up, let alone bicycle down.

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Crowds that braved ns hot sun and dust were rewarded with huge jumps, jaw-dropping flips, y incredible drops. Brett Rheeder, this year’s winner, began his operación with one opposite 360 before un challenging twin drop into ns huge backflip, which sent fans wild together they clung to the página of the mesa. The canadian sealed his victory con a regular 360, ns backflip, y a one foot can-can, scoring un 89.66 altogether.

“Today i scared myself,” claimed Rheeder, contending in his sixth Rampage. “I’ve never level drop flipped something that large in my life.”

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Andreu Lacondeguy, who won ns Rampage in 2014, took second place with a operación that would have challenged Rheeder for the championship—were it no for ns mistake at the very bottom of the course that saw ns Catalan driver fly gastos generales the last jump there is no his bike. Previously in his run, Lacondeguy linked un flat spin 450 with a backflip prior to linking a superman into uno backflip step-down.

“At least identificación really went because that it,” Lacondeguy said. “I’m stoked on second, but me gustaría want to success this. I’ll be regreso next year for sure.”

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Some of hill biking’s most notable elder statesmen to be absent desde the Rampage this year. Darren Berrecloth, star of la red Bull’s North that Nightfall film and twice uno third-place Rampage finisher, was required to retire desde the competition delaware breaking his back for uno fourth time. He to be joined in los spectator stand by Cameron Zink, that won los event in dos mil diez and placed second last year. Zink’s recurring shoulder concerns saw him land tough when practicing a 360 backflip, and he chosen to withdraw from the compete before ns start.

American Ethan Nell took 3rd place for ns second year in uno row, while cut Sorge, that won los Rampage in 2017, placed eighth.

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