Red bull las ventas

If you space lucky sufficient to research in la capital de españa or are maybe considering the Spanish capital for her studies next year, then ns likelihood is that you will certainly need tiny introduction come just just how vibrant y energetic the city is.  

Reasons to study in this region are aplenty y our commitment to bringing girlfriend all los information you require to adopt your time in madrid is together that us just had actually to carry you news regarding one of ns most ancha events the city has to offer. 


What Is Redbull X Fighters world Tour


The neto Bull X Fighters world Tour is rather of uno Spanish phenomenon y has flirted with venues in Valencia and Madrid but seems to have discovered its spiritual página de inicio in the latter. Having actually taken ns break because 2017, ns event is collection to come regreso bigger and better this year. 

Founded back in 2001, ns event is undoubtedly los biggest and best in ns global dirt bike calendar, con participants entering from every continent. Riders room invited to compete through a serie of extreme knockout rounds before battling it el fin for los ultimate location of champion. 


Redbull X Fighters world Tour – previous Winners 


When it comes to motor cross competitions, Redbull X Fighters mundo Tour is quite much los pinnacle y winning los event can propel ns rider into los dirt bike room of fame.

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The result that the final event was as follows: 

Levi Sherwood (New Zealand) Josh Sheehan (Australia) Taka Higashino (Japan) Adam Jones (United principal of America) 


Plaza de Toros Las Ventas


When Redbull X Fighters mundo Tour is hosted in Madrid, it takes place at Plaza de Toros Las Ventas, or las Ventas because that short.

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A famous bullring, located in the Guindalera district of Salamanca, los venue is perfect due to its impressive capacity and the atmosphere that is generado when it’s full of dust bike fans.  

As a day out y about away from campus, us think it’s pretty much perfect and gives you uno chance come soak is part exhilarating sport y also typical Spanish culture.  

Las rotación can hold approximately 23,000 spectators, one have the right to imagine ns amazing vibe the is created when riders room performing back flips in this historical bullring. You deserve to find out more about Plaza de Toros Las Ventas and the events organized there by heading come their great website. 


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