Spanish lawyer and politician. Born in Castellterçol (Barcelona) on November 29, mil ochocientos setenta and passed away in the same city on agosto 1, 1917. Theoretically arisen catalanism in many books and publications, y active component of anti-absolutist movements: Catalanist Centre school (1887), unión Catalanist (1891) y Lliga Regionalista ese Catalunya (1899). He/She to be President of the provincial board of directors of barna between 1907 and 1917, and the Mancomunitat después Catalunya (of i beg your pardon he/she was ns main promoter) between 1914 and 1917.

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Studies and interest in catalanism

He belonged to a family that the rural bourgeoisie. He/She studied elementary in ~ his hometown high college in barcelona (1881) y law at los University the Barcelona: i graduated in 1893 and in mil ochocientos noventa y cuatro at the sede University of madrid presented his thesis the jurídico act of the industry, which suggested that the industry need to be ns device of los nation. In these years, during ns time that vacations, spent in Castellterçol, became interested in middle ages Catalan literature y s. XIX.

The Centre escuelas Catalanist y Catalanist Union membership: the theoretical spread of catalanism

In mil ochocientos ochenta y siete he/she had entered los Centre escolar Catalanist ("Centro escolar Catalanist"), then chaired through Verdaguer y Callis; Prat después la Riba, due to the fact that your income took a very energetic role, was President of los institution between mil ochocientos noventa and 1891. Then datos his speech com was born it come subjecte natural law ("the nation as los subject of naturaleza law"), their dedication to study Catalan history, institutions y the law, y its accept of ns positivism nuanced by Christian ideas.

He additionally participated in los Foundation of los Unió Catalanist ("Catalanist Union"), which came to be Secretary in 1891, y in ns drafting that the base de Manresa (1892). Desde that place he/she proposed los restoration the Catalan depiction in the courts. In 1893, already finished his career, wrote Compendi of catalanist doctrine ("Compendium of the catalanist doctrine", in collaboration con Pere Muntanyola, who obtained an award desde the center Català ese Sabadell): los concept that "Catalan nationality", which was to go past a simple cultural consideration of catalanism appeared already in this work. He/She occurred this opinión in newspaper such as Revista del Catalunya, La Renaixença and Revista jurídica ese Catalunya (whose section "Legal sundries" command from 1895 to 1899) y a new work, Compendi of the Història de Catalunya ("Compendium of the history that Catalonia", awarded in ns Jocs Florals, "Floral Games", 1898).

In 1896, in polemic with Leopoldo alas Clarin, he/she defended the consideration that catalan as ns language y not as uno dialect. The same year to be appointed Secretary of los Ateneo Barcelonés, that presided over Valentín Almirall, dedicated to combine anti-absolutist young (wrote one more work more, los fet of ns Catalan nationality, "The reality of los Catalan nationality", 1897), and to promote agitations (then are Misatge to S.M. Jordi I, rei dels Helens, "message to S.M. Jorge I, rey of los Hellenes")(, on los occasion of los release of Crete representar the posesión of the Turks in 1897, and La catalane question, "Catalan question", 1898).

La Lliga Regionalista después Catalunya, the barcelona Provincial Council y the Mancomunitat del Catalunya: politics action

Prat de la Riba, significantly willing to politics action, and dissatisfaction with the failure of existing catalanism, joined the Centre país Català ("Centre national Catalan") in 1899, and became newspaper La Veu ese Catalunya ("the voice of Catalonia"). In mil novecientos uno he/she founded los Lliga Regionalista después Catalunya ("League regionalist the Catalonia"), that himself led. In 1902, to be arrested ns few work for having actually been played in his newspaper an article from a newspaper in Perpignan, criticizing the situation the peasants in the sur of France.

Health damaged through his remain in prison, he/she had to continue to be until mil novecientos cuatro at the sanatorium Durtol (Auvergne, France), but then returned to politics, y in 1905 was elected uno provincial Deputy, promoting the opinión of creating ns supraprovincial organization; He/She also wrote los report i beg your pardon Rusiñol y Albó presented to ns Senate on los occasion of ns events of November 1905 in Barcelona, the was damaged in ns writing that La Veu de Catalunya y another publication after caricature of los army. Because of this he/she participated in los creation that Solidaritat catalana ("Catalan solidarity"), response to the lack that reaction desde the Government. Delaware publishing in mil novecientos seis the Catalan nationality ("the Catalan nationality", his most important work, a little publication considered ns main theoretical treaty on catalanism) to be born in ns same year Corts catalanes (Catalan "cuts").

He to be appointed chairman of the Diputació de barcelona in 1907 (re-elected four times more, in 1909, 1911, mil novecientos trece and 1917), y to promote los Catalan culture, created los Institut d"Estudis Catalans ("Institute the Catalan studies", i m sorry set los current etymological rules of catalan between 1912 and 1913), los Biblioteca ese Catalunya, and the Comission the education national ("Commission of national education"). Others of his numerous contributions were: los creation of different schools, such as the Escola d" Administració ("School the management"), Escola Industrial, Escola del Mestres ("school teachers"), Escola del Bibliotecaries ("School of librarians") y Escola d"Art Dramàtic ("School of dramatic art"); casa of Maternitat ("maternity") and the sociedad ("Social Museum"); roads, railways, telephony and telegraphy.

Not attain prevent ns disintegration the Solidaritat catalana in mil novecientos ocho began ns work of one more body that gathered all los provinces and Catalan forces, however the crisis of the tragic week of mil novecientos nueve stopped them. In April mil novecientos diez he/she received ns tribute desde different anti-absolutist tendencies, with the participation of los poet Joan Maragall. Focused again on works by un Catalan institution only (while respecting the existing provinces), in December mil novecientos once he/she it is registered to ns Government of Canalejas uno request report approved by the Catalan provincial councils; los courts embraced him, but Canalejas was eliminated before ns Senate did, so had actually to wait for the appointment of the siguiente President of the Council of Ministers, the count of Romanones. Finally, in December of 1913 was instituted los Mancomunitat después Catalunya ("Commonwealth that Catalonia"), where he/she to be President Prat ese la Riba due to the fact that then till his fatality shortly after his re-election in 1917. In mil novecientos dieciséis he/she published los manifesto per Catalunya me gustaría L"espanya gran, ("by Catalonia and a great Spain") with a proposal because that federalism for Spain, i m sorry reiterated in another more in 1917.

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