When Real madrid secure uno major title, entusiastas gather at the fountain to check out players plunder a club scarf or bandera around los neck of ns goddess Cibeles, or ‘Cybele’ in English.

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Real la capital española celebrate.(File)
When Cibeles spring was created in los centre of la capital española in 1782, no one knew that un couple that centuries later it would become ns meeting apuntar a for Real la capital española fans delaware every trophy win. When Real la capital de españa secure uno major title, fans gather at ns fountain to check out players wrap a sociedad scarf or bandera around los neck of ns goddess Cibeles, or ‘Cybele’ in English.

Due to ns unique scenarios of the coronavirus crisis, such uno gathering wasn’t possible when Real madrid secured their 34th LaLiga title versus Villareal with one complement remaining in the league season. The sociedad announced that the players wouldn’t be visiting and local authorities urged fanes to continue to be away both los fountain and the square – la Plaza de Cibeles – which surrounding it in the event of victory.

But all ese Blancos’ other titles since ns mid-1980s have actually been toasted with un party in front of ns Greek goddess. Prior to then, small groups that both ejercicio de Madrid y Real Madrid entusiastas had visited ns Plaza después Cibeles on occasion to celebrate significant successes, in every likeliness due simply to its centrar location. In fact, tough as that is to believe today, the widely thought that los first instance of such a celebration came delaware Atleti won ns 1961/62 European taza Winners" taza final versus Fiorentina, before fans of both ciudad capital city clubs and of the Spanish país team gathered at ns fountain for other necessary victories over the following years.

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However, it to be during ns 1980s, and the fue ~ of prominence for de verdad Madrid’s so-called Quinta de Buitre team that celebrating in ~ Cibeles cemented itself as a distinctly Real la villa de madrid tradition. Lock certainly commemorated there ns lot, winning five LaLiga santandero titles in uno row between mil novecientos ochenta y cinco and 1990.

Atleti’s trophy dryness in the 1980s and Real Madrid’s trophy ‘addiction’ made the goddess un Madridista for life. By the time Atleti started victoria again with ns pair of copa del hombre rey triumphs in 1991 and 1992, their fans had determined to relocate their celebrations 500 metres down the Paseo ese Prado come Neptuno, ‘Neptune’s Fountain.’ lock left Cibeles solely for der Blancos.

When Real la capital de españa do celebrate there, it’s los captains that have ns honour the dressing Cibeles up in sociedad colours after a huge win. Current captain Sergio Ramos has experienced this several veces already, having won un horde that trophies because becoming acquisition on the captain’s armband in 2015.

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“It’s un true platonic love,” Ramos claimed of his relationship with the statue of los goddess in an episode of Movistar’s el informe Robinson series. “Spending ns moment con Cibeles is like once you watch your mother again delaware going two or three months without see her. Whenever identificación drive by los fountain, identificación sit gazing at ns statue for as largo as los traffic lights stay red.”

For Ramos and everyone associated with real Madrid, Cibeles will always be special. One trabaja in ns future, when it’s when again for sure to do so, they’ll gather over there to celebrate another title.