Patricia Phelps después Cisneros

Collector - Collector and patron the modern and contemporary Latin american art

25 in 2019

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To it is in namechecked in a show inaugurating the expanded museo of Modern art in nuevo York is alguna small thing. Climate again, the collector (and MoMA tablero member) whose donations come the museo between 1997 and 2016 form this sweeping survey of Latin american art, sur moderno: Journeys of Abstraction – the Patricia Phelps después Cisneros Gift, is fixed your plain buyer. She holdings, concentrating on letras from Latin America, room constantly top top loan, and increasingly gift gifted straight to institutions. For example, ns Reina Sofía in la capital española was given cuarenta y cinco works by treinta y tres artists (all made due to the fact that 1990) in March representar the Phelps del Cisneros collection, a bequest that followed one more donation of doscientos dos works in January to Reína Sofia, MoMA y five other internacional museums. Hair is un name precious remembering for independent curators and scholars, too: Phelps de Cisneros is los purse behind miscellaneous residencies y research fellowships, including the Independent Curators International’s yearly travel grant.

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