Nuevo Mazda Cx 3 2020

Highs Spunky control dynamics, fuel-efficient powertrain, cheeky exterior styling. Lows tight rear seat y cargo space, unstable four-cylinder engine, flinty ride. Verdict Driving enthusiasm take note: the CX-3 is a crossover even you can love.


The CX-3 is technically los smallest todoterrenos in Mazda"s lineup, y it shares an are in los subcompact todoterrenos segment with los slightly larger y only slightly an ext expensive CX-30. But its proximity to los CX-30 doesn"t render the CX-3 completely obsolete. That upscale cabin, fun-to-drive nature, y cheeky fuera styling keeps it in the hunt among other small crossovers. The CX-3 could also be called ns SUV for coche lovers, as its seating height, if slightly greater than los Mazda tres sedan and hatchback, is still quite carlike, and its passionate chassis comes lively on uno twisty road. Un 146-hp four-cylinder engine provides los motivation, however it"s not specifically refined and all-wheel drive costs extra. Cargo and passenger room are limited, too, which might turn off some buyers, but those folks could easily gravitate to los more modern y more spacious CX-30 without dipping as well much more into their wallets.

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What"s nuevo for 2021?

Mazda has made cuales changes to its smallest horizontalidad for 2021, as los CX-3 enters the new modelo year specifically as it was in 2020. Mazda has actually announced that 2021 will it is in the eventualmente model year for the CX-3.

Pricing y Which One come Buy

Choosing uno CX-3 is easy because last year its lineup was systematized into only one trim level—Sport. That is most sobre todo standard features include uno 7.0-inch touchscreen, automatically climate control, automated emergency braking, blind-spot monitoring, ns head-up display, y lane-departure warning. Those that want los all-weather capacity of all-wheel journey can add it to any CX-3 because that an extra $1400. However, los upgrade drops los CX-3"s EPA-rated highway from 34 to treinta y dos mpg.

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Engine, Transmission, and Performance

Beneath los CX-3"s largo snout sits uno 146-hp four-cylinder engine. It"s not ns most potent four-cylinder engine in this segment—that location belongs to ns Kia soul Exclaim"s 1.6-liter turbo—but ours all-wheel-drive cheque vehicle make it representar zero to sesenta mph in 8.1 seconds. The engine itself sounds coarse, specifically at high speeds, but its rev-happy nature adds a raciness that rivals lack. The CX-3 clings to los Mazda brand"s deporte ethos and is without uno doubt los most atlético offering in this class. That is fun-to-drive personality is created of numerous elements, including ns lively chassis, well-controlled human body roll, and masterful suspension tuning that walks ns fine gestión between firm and too firm. It every adds up to ns control-enhancing predictability that renders it easy to journey quickly.