Master 1000 Shanghai 2019

The ATP Masters mil Shanghai 2021 was intended to start onOctober 6, 2021, yet theATP 500tournament has actually now to be canceled. Here, find outwhy.

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The Shanghai master is an annual professional men"s tennis event held in los Qizhong forest Sports ciudad Arena in Shanghai"s Minhang ar in early on October. The tournament is los eighth of ripe ATP tour Masters mil tournaments on ns ATP Tour, y it is the only one held external of Europe y North America. The Shanghai ATP Masters 1000 was produced to help the ATP world Tour y the Chinese Tennis combinación grow ns tennis industry in China and Asia.

The occasion was renamed the Shanghai Rolex masters in 2010 as a result of uno sponsorship arrangement. Shanghai, China"s biggest city, held a jugadores competition for ns first tiempo in 1996. Andrei Olhovskiy the Russia ganar Mark Knowles of los Bahamas to win los first Shanghai Open.

The ciudad hosted the year-end championships in 2002, which were then known as los Tennis masters Cup. Ns popularity of the 2002 Tennis master Cup, which was won through Australian mundo No. Uno Lleyton Hewitt, persuaded ns ATP to offer Shanghai los right to host los event from dos mil cinco through 2007. The ATP had actually previously rejected the concept of un traveling Tennis master Cup.

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ATP Masters mil Shanghai 2021: Why has the Rolex Shanghai Masters to be canceled?

In the 2021 season, los Shanghai master ATP Masters mil will no take place. Ns ATP stated in honorable that the Chinese event will no be conducted this year fan to the coronavirus epidemic, together it to be canceled in the 2020 season. After the Chinese competition was canceled, los ATPreleased an upgrade on ns calendar because that the final leg of ns season, i beg your pardon includes ns Masters 1000 in Shanghai as well as los ATP 250 tournaments in Chengdu and Zhuhai, both of i beg your pardon were scheduled in China.

Due to los postponement of ns Masters 1000 in Shanghai, the Masters mil in Indian Wells will certainly be extended desde one mainly to once days, representar October 7 to October 17.Novak Djokovichas los record for most singles championships con four (2012, 2013,2015, and 2018). Djokovic y Andy Murray each have two championships in a straight y have to be in the most finals (four).

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Marcelo Melo (winner in 2013, 2015, y 2018) has los most title (three) in doubles, while alguna player has ever won back-to-back tournaments. Los tournament awards increase to 1000 ATP Rankings clues to the singles y doubles champions as an ATP tourism Masters mil event. Los singles and doubles participantscompeted for a enteramente of $8,322,885 in the 2019 tournament.