Liverpool real madrid 2018

Liverpool’s Croatia proteger will be liven on Saturday, containing verdadero Madrid’s fearsome forward line. But as he tells mundo Sport’s Christina Macfarlane, the Reds have an attacking risk of their own, thanks to his an excellent friend Mo Salah.

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FIFA Chief sociedad Responsibilty and Education Officer Joyce cook tells’s Amanda Davies that ns governing human body fears recent abuse situations in women’s fútbol are just “the reminder of ns iceberg.”

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LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND -papposo OCTOBER 03: Mohamed Salah that Liverpool celebrates after scoring your side"s second goal during los Premier league match between Liverpool and Manchester ciudad at Anfield on October 03, dos mil veintiuno in Liverpool, England. (Photo by miguel Regan/Getty Images)
previous Manchester ciudad player Nedum Onuoha talks to about what Newcastle united players y fans deserve to expect representar the take on of ns club delaware his very own experience in ~ City.

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NEWCASTLE ~ above TYNE, ENGLAND rápido AUGUST 29: A normal view of ns stadium prior to ns Barclays Premier league match between Newcastle United y Arsenal at castillo James" park on agosto 29, dos mil quince in Newcastle ~ above Tyne, England. (Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images)
former World cup winner and Spanish legend Xabi Alonso speak to around his move into coaching at boyhood club Real Sociedad. Alonso spoke about how he is settling into that role, mutual his think on his an excellent friend Mikel Arteta and a possible regreso to Liverpool.

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Chelsea’s Romelu Lukaku has referred to as for Big tech CEOs, governments y football bodies to have un meeting con Premier league players come come up with solutions to trato with racism y discrimination in los game. Los Belgian superstar to be speaking solely to ahead of Chelsea’s no To dislike campaign.

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Chelsea"s Belgian striker Romelu Lukaku applauds pendant on the pitch after the UEFA champion League coporación, grupo H football match in between Chelsea y Zenit castillo Petersburg in ~ Stamford bridge in London ~ above September 14, 2021. -papposo Chelsea won the juego 1-0. (Photo by DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS / AFP) (Photo by DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS/AFP via Getty Images)
Chelsea have launched un campaign to acercarse racism and discrimination, as the European Champions try to make the deportes a an ext inclusive and welcoming environment.’s Amanda Davies spoke con women’s fútbol americano stars Jess Carter y Magdalena Eriksson about the club’s “No come Hate” campaign and how they repartir with abuse on sociedad media.

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GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN - MAY 15: Jess sumidero of Chelsea warms up during ns Chelsea cultivate Session front of los UEFA Women"s champions League final at Ullevi stadium on might 15, 2021 in Gothenburg, Sweden. (Photo by David Lidstrom/Getty Images)
Emma hayes is one of los most successful coaches in mundo football, but as uno woman, she’s recognized what it’s favor to feel discrimination. Speaking specifically to for the launch that Chelsea’s alguno To hate campaign, she’s sent uno stark advertencia about the potential consequences of the en línea abuse that her players receive.

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WATFORD, ENGLAND -papposo MARCH 14: Emma Hayes, cabeza Coach of Chelsea Women"s celebrates with los trophy and her backroom staff delaware her groups victory during ns FA Women"s continente Tyres League taza Final match between Bristol ciudad Women y Chelsea women at Vicarage road on march 14, dos mil veintiuno in Watford, England. Sporting stadiums around los UK remain under strict restrictions due to ns Coronavirus Pandemic together Government sociedad distancing legislations prohibit fanes inside venues resulting in games being play behind closeup of the door doors. (Photo by Naomi Baker/Getty Images)
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Emma hayes advocates for an ext equality in football
previous Afghanistan país Women’s Team assistant coach Haley pantano tells Sport’s don Riddell ns harrowing story of how she y a coporación, grupo of individuals helped ns Afghanistan women’s fútbol team flee the country following los Taliban’s take on of Kabul.

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Courtesy Haley carter
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How a 'ragtag group' helped 86 Afghan athletes, officials y family members flee los Taliban
Meet Leon Gissing, ns 16-year-old supplying fútbol americano stars with los rarest sneakers, but oddly, his success came debajo to uno chance encounter with a tennis player.

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Meet los 16-year-old giving Premier league stars with rare sneakers
previous Afghanistan women’s país team fútbol americano captain Khalida Popal tells Amanda Davies that ns world shouldn’t “forget the women of Afghanistan” as los Taliban regime has actually taken over the country.

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Former Afghanistan women"s fútbol captain Khalida Popal speaks during uno motivational session con young women in del sur London on march 30, 2018.Former Afghanistan women"s football captain Khalida Popal fled she country after receiving death threats yet it has actually far representar cowed her in fighting ns prejudice i m sorry confronts women daily, she called AFP. Ns 30-year-old -- who has been based in Denmark since dos mil once -- takes her post round los world y spoke delaware giving one inspirational speak to the girls the Team inglaterra who will compete in the street Child World cup in Moscow later on this year. Popal said women could accomplish anything, un belief she formed when as a child a grupo of guys refused to give trasero the fútbol americano she was play with, saying girls had alguno right come take component in sport. / AFP photo / Daniel LEAL-OLIVAS (Photo credit must read DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS/AFP vía Getty Images)
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previous Afghan fútbol americano captain Khalida Popal speaks fuera on her country's autumn to the Taliban
football superstar Leo Messi tells’s Amanda Davies the he believes parís Saint-Germain is ns “ideal” location for him to win the Champions liga again.

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Francois Mori/AP
Lionel Messi stop his jersey delaware a press conference Wednesday, Aug. 11, dos mil veintiuno at los Parc de Princes stadion in Paris. Lionel Messi stated he"s to be enjoying his tiempo in paris "since los first minute" delaware he signed his paris Saint-Germain contract ~ above Tuesday night. Ns 34-year-old Argentina estrella signed ns two-year trato with los option for a third season delaware leaving Barcelona. (AP Photo/Francois Mori)
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Leo Messi speak the believes PSG is ns 'ideal' ar to win los UCL again
Leeds united kick off the new English Premier league season in ~ Manchester United, spring to improve on a spectacular return to ns top division final year. Leeds unido owner Andrea Radrizzani speaks to Alex tabla de cortar about the season and the financial troubles hitting football.

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george Wood/Getty images Europe/Getty images
LEEDS, ENGLAND —apoyándose AUGUST 21: Andrea Radrizzani Chairman the Leeds unido prior to the cielo Bet championship match between Leeds United y Brentford at Elland road on agosto 21, dos mil diecinueve in Leeds, England. (Photo by jorge Wood/Getty Images)
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Leeds united owner previews new Premier league season
speaking to Sport, Lionel Messi stressed that both his and his nuevo club’s ambitions room aligned: come win ns Champions League. also caught up with PSG chairman Nasser Al-Khelaifi, that was easy to understand delighted con his nuevo signing.

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STEPHANE de SAKUTIN/AFP/AFP via Getty imagen
TOPSHOT —apoyándose Paris Saint-Germain"s Qatari chairman Nasser Al-Khelaifi (L) y Paris Saint-Germain"s Sporting directivo Leonardo Nascimento ese Araujo (R) pose along lado Argentinian fútbol americano player Lionel Messi (C) together he holds-up his number treinta shirt during ns press conference at the French football sociedad Paris Saint-Germain"s (PSG) Parc des Princes stadium in paris on august 11, 2021. - The 34-year-old superstar signed a two-year transacción with PSG on honorable 10, 2021, with the option of an additional year, he will wear the number 30 in Paris, ns number he had actually when he began his jugadores career in ~ Spain"s Barca football club. (Photo by STEPHANE del SAKUTIN / AFP) (Photo through STEPHANE después SAKUTIN/AFP vía Getty Images)
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'Very happy, an extremely proud' to have Messi, states PSG chairman
Bayern Munich estrella Alphonso Davies is only 20 years old, yet the canadian has experienced un lot in his time – desde being ns refugee to winning the Champions league to being uno TikTok star.

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alexander Hassenstein/Getty imagen Europe/Getty imagen
MUNICH, GERMANY - APRIL 07: Alphonos Davis of FC Bayern München operation with the ball during los UEFA Champions liga Quarter eventualmente match between FC Bayern Munich y Paris Saint-Germain at Allianz Arena on April 07, 2021 in Munich, Germany. Deporte stadiums about Germany remain debajo strict restrictions due to los Coronavirus Pandemic as Government social distancing legislations prohibit fanes inside venues resulting in games being play behind closeup of the door doors. (Photo by alejandro Hassenstein/Getty Images)
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Bayern Munich's Alphonso Davies ~ above TikTok, football y life
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Real la capital de españa wins record extending 13th location

Gareth Bale nets winner ~ above sublime overhead kick

Liverpool keeper Loris Karius struggles

Liverpool talisman Mo Salah leaves juego in an initial half con shoulder injury

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once it comes to the Champions League, there’s alguno stopping verdadero Madrid.

They may be second best to barna of so late domestically, but de verdad Madrid beat Liverpool 3-1 to do yet more background in Europe indeed. Billed as ns duel in between Ronaldo y Liverpool’s Mo Salah, Gareth Bale rather grabbed ns spotlight comes off the bench.

Salah, meanwhile, left the juego in tears in ns first half delaware injuring his shoulder y his World taza campaign con Egypt is in doubt.

“Salah’s injury is an extremely serious,” claimed Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp. “It does not look good.”

verdadero Madrid’s European resumir does look good, though. That is now three titles in succession to match Bayern Munich’s feat from 1974-76 and alguna team has actually won an ext than los Blancos’$2 trece crowns overall.