Librería Hernández religious Bookstore in la villa de madrid will nearby this year after ciento cincuenta y ocho years of service. Incredible, isn’t it, that any kind of business, let alone ns RELIGIOUS bookstore, can survive for this reason long. Religious stores, at least for me, have always been ns curiosity i m sorry I’ve constantly associated with Spain as well as Italy due to the fact that we don’t have them – to my understanding – in Ohio, USA.

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Upon visiting la capital española the first hora in 1995 and in succeeding strolls with Madrid’s downtown, these religious stores always turn up, causing me come ask myself, “How deserve to these areas stay in business? execute they receive some funding desde the church?” identificación doubt ns latter however where else in the world is – read: “was” – religious beliefs so extensive in the makeup y history of los culture?

Upon entering nearly any older-person’s casa in Spain you’ll commonly find ns following: un wall-mounted crucifix, uno painting/portrait the Jesus Christ on the cross, and oftentimes various other ceramic angelic figurines. Girlfriend don’t uncover these spiritual items so openly presented in younger peoples’ homes although they may be religious.

Religion in Spain, follow to WikiPedia:

Roman Catholicism has long been the main faith of Spain, despite it alguno longer has official status. According to a July dos mil nueve study by los Spanish center of Sociological Research about 76% of Spaniards self-identify as Catholics, 2% other faith, and about 20% determine with alguna religion. Many Spaniards execute not participate regularly in spiritual services. This exact same study reflects that of ns Spaniards who identify themselves as religious, 58% hardly ever or never ever go to church, 17% walk to church some times a year, 9% some time término month y 15% every Sunday or many times término week.But follow to a December dos mil seis study, 48% of the population declared uno belief in ns supreme being, when 41% defined themselves as atheist or agnostic. Altogether, around 22% of ns entire Spanish population attends spiritual services at the very least once per month. Though Spanish culture has come to be considerably more secular in current decades, the influx the Latin american immigrants, who tend to be strong Catholic practitioners, has helped los Catholic Church to recover.

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But lack in attention is not the reason, nor the world financial crisis, because that closing ns historical religious bookstore which has spanned 4 generations. Ns reason is clear and all too typical in longtime family members businesses; ns children alguna longer want to save it going. Librería religión Hernández is attempting to sell or rent ns shop but as the service y items offered is for this reason specific, detailed, personalized, and studied, there’s tiny realistic expect it have the right to stay open up as that is. It’s not just the salga of religious items, either. Certified artisans work for ns shop, creating and painting dolls y portraits, amongst many others things.

I’ve walked past this shop several tiempo as that is simply off Madrid’s Puerta ese Sol, nearly across desde the also-now-closed Teatro Albéniz top top the nombre de la carretera de la Paz, 4. When tourists stray from the Puerta ese Sol to discover Madrid’s quaint, small streets, they’d inevitably aprobar this viejo book store and pause come examine the window dressing the cherubs, infant Jesus dolls and statues, books, y crucifixes. Yet while this historic madrid bookstore closes, others continue to be open y can be uncovered throughout los city, yet undoubtedly their numbers will certainly dwindle con time.

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If you have actually an opportunity to visit los Librería religioso Hernández, carry out so quickly, in ~ least before May, to view what a ciento cincuenta y ocho year viejo shop look at like.

Librería HernándezCalle del la Paz, 4

Article (in Spanish):Somos Centro: “Librería Hernández, otro comercio centenario que se va“