Yes! All the actors filmed a special documentary for the coming 15th year Anniversary of the Premier of this show, that also coincides with Jung Il Woo’s Debut! Such a special moment for our dear Ilwoo Oppa!

The documentary will air in two parts. The first one will be on MBC at 8:50PM this coming Friday 29th of October. The second one on November 12th at the same time.

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These are the previews so far, they are in a channel of MBC called MBC Life:

I’ve been doing some research of where one can see this show, for free. The following suggestion works for me on a desktop computer & in the US (where I live). So far, the best I’ve found is to lớn watch it right on their channel live. You just keep refreshing the page & continue watching. (You have khổng lồ skip a commercial each time) I know it’s not the best but I think we will still be able khổng lồ see Oppa a bit more than what they will post in YouTube eventually.

MBC is one of Korea’s main TV station so it is very good at protecting itself!

HERE is the liên kết to their channel. Enjoy bit by bit!

This is an article from MBC translated using Google Translate. It’s pretty accurate!

The main characters of the ‘High Kick’ series gathered in ‘Docuplex’.

According to lớn MBC on the 21st, in the documentary program ‘Docuplex’, the cast members of ‘Unstoppable High Kick’ gather khổng lồ tell the story behind the scenes.

It is known that the sitcom – Unstoppable High Kick or High Kick Without Hesitation’ starts with two great actors, Lee Soon-jae và Na Moon-hee, who played the role of a married couple in the play, & the Lee Soon-jae family, including Jung Jun-ha, Park Hae-mi, Jung Il-woo, and Kim Hye-seong, all gather in one place. Among them, the highlight is that the meeting took place at the filming site where Lee Soon-jae’s house phối from ‘High Kick Without Hesitation’ was reproduced. The cast members who returned lớn ‘My House At That Time’ after 15 years were all deeply moved by the set.

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In particular, actor Jung Il-woo, who was the best at school in the drama và gained explosive popularity for his love for teacher Seo, appeared on the mix wearing a leather jacket just like Yunho at the time. Jung Il-woo said, “I actually cried on the last day of the high kick set. It was a place I couldn’t come back anymore, and it was very painful khổng lồ think that it would become a memory for me. But coming back here is very emotional and a little bit heartbreaking. Almost 15 years It’s been a while since I’ve been here, but I think it’s even more interesting lớn come as it is.”

Not only that, but also the actor Kim Hye-seong, who plays Min-ho, surprised everyone by appearing in front of her family in a completely different appearance than he did at the time after he had not been active in the entertainment industry. Kim Hye-seong said, “Sometimes I wondered if we could all see each other lượt thích this.” “Of course, I should contact you, but I also have a guilty heart, and I think the biggest thing is the joy & tears.”

On the other hand, in the teaser video clip released for the first time, other main characters produced by ‘High Kick without hesitation’ are also making their viewers excited by foretelling their appearances. Actor Park Min-young made her debut as Yu-mi, Min-ho’s girlfriend and girl with a mysterious secret, và since then she has risen khổng lồ the ranks of Korea’s đứng top actresses. The production team’s message is that the fact that she appears in this documentary, who rarely appears outside of work, can confirm her love for High Kick.

Above all, with the appearance of actress Seo Min-jung, the interest of viewers is heightening. In the drama, she formed a love triangle between Choi Min-yong and Jung Il-woo, và she received explosive love as Cinderella in ‘Minmin vs Yoonmin’. High-kick fans are paying keen attention to lớn how she, who is currently living as an ordinary housewife in New York, came to stand in front of the camera, và what kind of meeting or chemistry she will show with her opponents & other members in this documentary.

Meanwhile, the High Kick episode of ‘Docuplex’ will be broadcast on the 29th.