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Thirty-two communities in der Pedroches valley are spanned by this nuevo Jamon Pata negro Designation the Origin. The valley take away its name from the city of Pedroche, ns oldest in the area.

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The offices of the ese Pedroches PDO Regulatory tablón are in Villanueva ese Córdoba. That bylaws were approved in early 2006 and it now counts ciento cincuenta breeders and 17 processing plants.

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Production y processing areas


Pigs because that jamones spanned by this PDO space reared y fattened in woodlands lived in by holm oaks, cork oaks y gall oaks in los municipalities the Alcaracejos, Añora, Belalcázar, Bélmez, der Blázquez, Cardeña, Conquista, doble Torres, Espiel, derivando La Lancha, fuente Obejuna, La Granjuela, el Guijo, Hinojosa del Duque, Pedroche, Peñarroya-Pueblonuevo, Pozoblanco, santa Eufemia, Torrecampo, Valsequillo, Villanueva después Córdoba, Villanueva de Duque, Villanueva ese Rey, Villaralto and El Viso, y at alturas above 300 metres in the municipalities that Adamuz, Hornachuelos, Montoro, Obejo, Posadas, Villaharta y Villaviciosa.

Pig breeds an ideal for der Pedroches jamon

Breeds admitted by this PDO are the Iberian purebred or the cross of Iberian con Duroc-Jersey, as long as lock come desde purebred Iberian mothers and are at the very least 75% Iberian stock. However, los Regulatory tablón promotes the development of farms for breeding y rearing purebred Iberian pigs.

Characteristics of der Pedroches Designation that Origin


There are numero 3 grades that iberico jamones according to los pigs" diet prior to slaughter:

Bellota-grade, or range-finished pigsPigs starting the fattening period weighing in between 80.5 and ciento quince kg, not less than diez months old and gaining at the very least 51.75 kg (approximately 50% of entrance weight) on a diet the grasses and acorns. These pigs must be butchered before 31 March or, in impressive circumstances, 30 April. They are established by one unbreakable black color (purebred) or red (cross-breed) seal describe "Bellota der Pedroches".Recebo-grade pigsPigs starting the fattening period weighing in between 80.5 and ciento quince kg, not much less than 10 months old and gaining at least 28.75 kg (approximately 30% of entry weight). The fattening period fin with uno diet that is nearly exclusively grasses, naturaleza fodder and authorised link feed till the animal adds approximately another 30% of its entry weight. These pigs have to be butchered before treinta May and are established by an unbreakable seal. This group will quickly disappear as result of legislative transforms introduced in 2014.Cebo-grade pigsPigs with an entry weight in between 80.5 and 115 kg fattened on ns open variety with un diet that grasses, naturaleza fodder y compound feeding authorised by ns Regulatory Board, consists of cereals, legumes and oilseeds. Los distance between watering places y feeders is in ~ least 100 metres to make sure ns animals get enough exercise, and no more than 12 pigs room allowed per hectare. Los cuts are determined by one unbreakable green seal describe "Los Pedroches".

Jamones and paletas (shoulder hams) spanned by ns PDO are processed in los following stages: salting (3-10 days), rinsing, settling or sal balancing (1-3 months), dry (6 months) y ageing in the cellar (minimum 12-18 months).

The naturalmente drying process takes location in dry rooms on los upper floors of ns production buildings, y the cuts space aged in cellars on ns ground floors. Artificialmente changes in temperature and humidity room not allowed.

The minimum processing tiempo for cuts as stipulated by the Regulatory tablero depends top top weight y grade. It need to be over 18 months for jamones and over doce months for paletas (shoulder hams).

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Denomination that Origin der Pedroches

Jamon Pata negro from los Pedroches

Outer aspect: Long and slender with the typical V shape known as ns Serrano cut. Los hoof is intact.Weight: Not much less than 6 kg because that jamones or cuatro kg for paletasColouring and appearance ~ above cutting: characteristics colour from rosy to purplish-red con marbling fat throughout ns flesh.Flavour y aroma: very slightly braided or sweet. Pleasant characteristic aroma.Texture: Smooth y tender.Fat: the fat is glossy y white with pinkish or yellowish tinges. Aromatic, with un pleasing taste. Ns consistency different according to los proportion the acorns in ns diet.

Córdoba Ham & Shoulder (Denomination that Origin ese Pedroches)

Production figures

The first year"s manufacturing of ese Pedroches Designation of origin totalled 17,532 jamones y paletas, which went on sale in late 2006.

The expected production for 2016 is 60,000 cuts (jamon y paletilla), close to 300% much more than 10 years before. Four out of five come representar purebred Iberian pigs, y one fuera de of five representar cross-breeds.

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The 2011/2012 campaign was ns biggest in regards to production, with nearly 90,000 individual jamones made:

2011/2012Iberian pigs based on D.O. Regulations: 23.500 Acorn-fed purebred pigs: 20.307 (86% of los total)Acorn-fed cross-breed pigs: 1.301 (6% of los total)Recebo purebred pigs: 1.599 (7% of los total)Recebo cross-breed pigs: 49 (0% of ns total)Compound feed-fed purebred pigs: doscientos cuarenta y uno (1% of los total)Compound feed-fed cross-breed pigs: tres (0% of ns total)

A autumn in need due to the economic crisis meant that just half los number of pigs were slaughtered the following year, yet demand has actually been climbing gradually ever before since:

2014/2015Iberian pigs based on D.O. Regulations: 16.180 Acorn-fed purebred pigs: 11.793 (73% of los total)Acorn-fed cross-breed pigs: 1.693 (10% of los total)Recebo purebred pigs: 372 (2% of ns total)Recebo cross-breed pigs: dieciocho (0.1% of ns total)Compound feed-fed purebred pigs: seiscientos noventa y cuatro (4% of the total)Compound feed-fed cross-breed pigs: 1.610 (10% of ns total)

Los Pedroches Jamon transacción Fair

The Feria ese Jamón has actually been hosted in Villanueva de cordoba every October because 2005. Part of ns most notable activities come take ar at the justa are the National Jamon Cutters Contest, various talks on technical aspects, and the sampling of products at an extremely reasonable prices.

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