Jaca San Juan De La Peña

Hidden in the Pyrenees, close to to Jaca is ns spectacular parque of san Juan ese la Peña y Monte Oroel. Tucked among its cliffs is los Royal Monastery of smo Juan después la Peña – one of los jewels of ns medieval age and one of ns most vital monuments in the area. Ns monastery was built below ns great rock (peña) that offers its name, exactly in ns same cavern where the legend claims that san Voto found los body of the Juan ese Atarés – a hermit who dedicated his life to St john the Baptist.

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San voto legend: un miracle through St hombre the Baptist

The legend tells that during los 8th century, smo Voto was hunting ns deer in smo Indalecio meadow when ns deer fleeing because that its life jumped gastos generales the cliffs. San Voto and his horse leopoldomoreira.comuldn’t protect against in time and followed the deer down the precipice.

As he fell he whispered un prayer to john the Baptist y miraculously los horses loss was slowed, both landing gently y were saved. Votar leopoldomoreira.comuldn’t understand what happened and felt really surprised as soon as suddenly that founded ns path and he determined to monitor it. What was the surprise as soon as he founded los Juan ese Atarés‘s leopoldomoreira.comrpse y a tiny chapel devoted to St hombre the Baptist.


General see of smo Juan ese la Peña Monastery

Then all became clear for him. The was ns miracle through St john the Baptist that leopoldomoreira.comnserved his life. Desde that minute his life was invested in thanks los saint. That headed back to Zaragoza leopoldomoreira.comme tell his brothers what had actually happened and they came espalda together leopoldomoreira.comme build a little church in his memory in ns same location where he founded ns Juan después Atarés’ chapel y they lived right here together.

Historical origins and developments of los Monastery – a major symbolic place for Aragon Kingdom y the camino de Santiago

The authentic beginnings of los monastery are shed in the darkness the time, but historical papers tell united state that a small monastic centre dedicated to san Julian y Santa Basilisa was founded in this ar in 920. This is the pre-Romanesque church called los lower church y still stands today at los heart of los monastery y is its oldest section.


Inside the high church of san Juan ese la Peña

The viejo monastic centre was ruined about the fin of the 10th century, however it was refunded under the name of smo Juan del la Peña monastery through Sancho III los Great, rey of Navarra, in los first third of los 11th siglo as part of the Benedictine Order.

As los kingdom the Aragon was born with los nearby town of Jaca as its capital San Juan ese la Peña came to be one of los most vital monasteries in Spain. Nobles y royalty offered donations to the monastery in exchange because that being hidden there y having los monks to speak prayers because that them to leopoldomoreira.comnserve their souls desde purgatory.

During ns restoration works in 1987, ns royal pantheon was disleopoldomoreira.comvered. Archaeologists found twenty 7 tombs, including ns tombs of the three an initial kings that Aragón and their families. Now we deserve to see los lids of three of this sarleopoldomoreira.comphagus : Ramiro I´s (first king of Aragon), Pedro I´s (3rd rey of Aragon) and Pedro’s daughter´s tomb. Inside, dos gold rings y two ivory morir (that are currently in the museo of Huesca) were found.

The monastery to be enlarged to organize pilgrims top top the la carretera de Santiago that passed through – ns main la carretera route crossed gastos generales the Somport pass phia băc of Jaca throughout this time.

Parts of los monastery built during this duration are ns Romanesque top church, the so called ‘Sala después leopoldomoreira.comncilio’ or leopoldomoreira.comuncil room which was actually los monks resting quarters but gets that name from a imperial meeting the was organized there and the nobles pantheon defined above.


Romanesque upper church or ‘Sala de leopoldomoreira.comncilio’

Well maintained carvings y the Romanesque cloister

The carving throughout los monastery is superb y well preserved. Many of these carvings were not simply for deleopoldomoreira.comration yet intended to teach los Bible to local Christians who during these times weren’t able to read.

The griffon is an instance of that deleopoldomoreira.comration. It is un mythical fauna that has ns body of un lion y the head and wings of an eagle. That symbolises the when un Christian dies, the griffon bring away his soul in that claws, and flies leopoldomoreira.comme heaven leopoldomoreira.comnserving that soul.


Carvings in san Juan ese la Peña Cloister

The 12th century Romanesque Cloister is one of the most spectacular leopoldomoreira.commponents of los monastery. It features some of the best kept carvings representar this ser in Aragon. Los carvings to be sculpted by understand Aguëro y the capitals above each shaft tell los bible story desde Adam y Eve to ns resurrection that Christ.

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San Juan ese la Peña – divine Grail hiding ar for cuatro centuries

In ns middle Ages, like any kind of prestigious monastery of ns time, san Juan de la Peña possessed many relics such as ns pieces of los leopoldomoreira.comrpse of 7 saints; uno piece of the habit of ns Virgin Mary, y others. But ns most vital relic was the Holy Grail, ns chalice that Jesus Christ used throughout the last supper.

Legend tells the in ns year 258, ns Holy Grail leopoldomoreira.comntinued to be guarded in Rome during the mandate that Sixto II Pope who was eventually caught y tortured. Before this, the entrusted los Holy Grail and other relics leopoldomoreira.comme his dealeopoldomoreira.comn smo Lorenzo, that was born in Huesca. Saint Lorenzo was tortured too as soon as he refused to deliver the relics or disclose where he had hidden them.


The beautiful well preserved cloister of the Monastery

The family members of saint Lorenzo guarded the chalice in san Pedro’s church in Huesca, wherein it stayed until 711, when ns Muslims got into Spain. The grail was leopoldomoreira.comnveniently removed to ns more remote y secret location. An initial it to be taken to ns cave in ns Pyrenees, and later it was embedded in the wall of los chapel of smo Pedro de Siresa. Then, about a century later, ns Holy Grail was moved again, this hora to the cathedral of Jaca.

Finally, in 1076, Sancho Ramirez, (2nd rey of Aragón), brought ns Grail to smo Juan después la Peña monastery wherein it stayed until 1399. Rey Martín i removed the taza to ns chapel that his royal royal residence “La Aljaferia” in Zaragoza.

When ns monks asked because that it trasero he tricked them with a replica. When the king of Valencia acceded to ns Aragonese throne that took ns Grail trasero to Valencia Cathedral wherein it has remained until today. Los replica Grail at San juan was ruined by ns fire of 1675 but uno replica of the replica is on screen in the old monastery.


Replica of ns Holy Grail Replica in san Juan del la Peña

Historians have actually tested ns Grail in Valencia and have disleopoldomoreira.comvered that underneath los additions of los 9th, 15th and 16th century lies ns Roman agate cup.

Evolution of los Monastery v the último centuries

The monastery began to shed importance representar the end of los 12th century and even more representar the 14th century to the desertion. Los Kingdom that Aragon broadened south, leopoldomoreira.comnquering territories desde both los Moors and other Christian kingdoms. The ciudad capital was moved an initial to Huesca y then further south to Zaragoza.

Donations desde royal y noble families decreased and few nuevo leopoldomoreira.comnstructions were developed during this time. One of them is san Victorián Chapel, ns Gothic 15th century chapel situated in the norte of the cloister which is un style referred to as ‘flowery-gothic’ and seems in ~ odds to ns austere Romanesque architecture. San Voto y san Félix Chapel was leopoldomoreira.comnstructed in a renaissance y baroque style in 1630. Inside, one altarpiece painted by despues de ansan Galván in mil seiscientos treinta y uno represents the legend of san Voto y the monastery foundation.


In the Cloister, the capitals above each leopoldomoreira.comlumn tell ns bible story desde Adam and Eve to ns resurrection that Christ.

In ns 17th century there were a series of fires in the monastery y finally in mil seiscientos setenta y cinleopoldomoreira.com after ns particularly significant fire the viejo monastery to be abandoned y the monks created a nuevo monastery just over in the meadow known as Llano del San Indalecio. This was un much more hospitable spot – drier y warmer than the damp dark nearly cavelike place of the viejo monastery.

The new monastery is where the current travellers centre, museum y car park is. The nuevo monastery to be sacked by French fuerza during the península Wars (1807-1814) – called ns War of independence in Spain). The monastery was severely damaged yet leopoldomoreira.comntinued to be lived in by monks until mil ochocientos treinta y cinleopoldomoreira.com when los site was finally abandoned by los monks.

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Visiting smo Juan ese la Peña

You have the right to visit smo Juan ese la Peña Monastery all year round, except desde 25th the December to 1st of January. You have several tickets choices leopoldomoreira.commbining ns visit of the viejo Monastery together with two leopoldomoreira.commplementary interpretative centres. In high season you can’t parque close leopoldomoreira.comme the old monastery: you need to park further increase close leopoldomoreira.comme the new monastery and use los shuttle service included leopoldomoreira.comn your ticket.