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Corporate Name: SUPERVISIÓN Y CONTROL, S.A.U. (“SYC”).

Registered office: vehicle Technical Inspection station of alma Santo, Ctra. N-VI, km. 582, 15168 O Espiritu Santo. Sada (A Coruña).

C.I.F. A.-15.117.609

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The management of the appointment servicio for los technical inspection of vehicles, and for los management of the payment that the on line service, and if the is ns case, come send check notices / meeting reminders by email and/or SMS, MMS, or instant messaging services(e.g. WhatsApp) or other equivalent electronic media, check notices the direct accessibility to los inspection line, information y instructions for its access, also as, if appropriate, to send ns invoice in electronic format by e-mail.Management of ns provision of ns technical inspection servicio to customers.Management, care and adequate follow-up the suggestions, queries and/or complaints around vehicle technical inspection services.Management of ns degree of satisfaction the the servicio offered through carrying out surveys via email.Management that reminders because that the next inspection and due date of inspection, by making telephone call or sending messages by email, SMS, MMS, email or immediate messaging solutions (e.g. WhatsApp) or various other equivalent digital media.Participation in sweepstakes and promotions you authorize up for.

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The execution of uno contract to which ns person concerned is ns party.Compliance with jurídico obligations come which SYC is subject.Legitimate interest.Consent.

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Identification details: name and surname(s), signature and, if invoice is requested, tax ID code.Contact information: email, call phone, postal address.Information on the payment of ns service: debit or credit card, bank account (in the case the deferred invoicing).Other: vehicle registration plate, car identification number.

In the case of corporación persons: name y surname, telephone and contact info of the employee, representative or contact person in the company.

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Companies of ns Applus Group y other service providers.

Law enforcement authorities, judges y courts, regulation bodies, federal government authorities or other competent 3rd parties.

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Your personal data may be transferred to, stored, y processed in countries that do not carry out an sufficient level of security for personal data in accordance with European Union legislation. We have actually implemented ideal guarantees (in particular, contractual commitments) in order come ensure ns adequate protection of your data.

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Among others, the verdad of access, rectification y deletion of emplea data y the right to object to the processing of personal data and to revoke your consent. In particular, girlfriend have los right to object to the processing of your personal datos at any time, once this is based on ns legitimate attention of SYC.

The practice of these permiso may be made effective by writing an email, including un copy of your national Id card or identity document to privacidad

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Extended Information

Available at los following URL.

We recommend you to read this details carefully.

You have los right to object to los processing that your personal data, at any kind of time, when this is based on los legitimate interest, consisting of purposes such as sending reminders of next inspection date and due date of inspection by sending an e-mail to privacidad, including the reference “Data Protection” y accompanied by uno photocopy of your ID card or one equivalent identity document.

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