Iglesia san juan de la cruz valencia

type": "TouristAttraction","name": "Iglesia del San Juan del la cruz (Church of smo Juan de la Cruz)","description": "Iglesia del San Juan de la cruz (Church of san Juan después la Cruz) in Valencia, Spain —apoyándose sight map, attraction information, photo y list the walking tours containing this attraction. Get offline map y directions making use of our leopoldomoreira.com self-guided go tours application for her mobile device.","hasMap": "https://www.leopoldomoreira.com/attractions/iglesia-de-san-juan-de-la-cruz-(church-of-san-juan-de-la-cruz)-14225.html","address": "

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type": "PostalAddress","addressLocality": "Valencia","addressCountry": "Spain","publicAccess": true,"isAccessibleForFree": true,"availableLanguage": "

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type": "Language","name": "English","image": "https://www.leopoldomoreira.com/img/gd_sight/14225.jpg","url": "https://www.leopoldomoreira.com/attractions/iglesia-de-san-juan-de-la-cruz-(church-of-san-juan-de-la-cruz)-14225.html","geo": "

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type": "GeoCoordinates","latitude": "39.472092","longitude": "-0.374451"}All CitiesBecome ns GuideArticlesshow_user_acc_blk(1);show_js_inner();#tour_pg .gradient_block width:100%; clear:both; padding:3%; box-sizing:border-box; background-image: linear-gradient(to top, #dfe9f3 0%, white 100%) Iglesia del San Juan del la la cruz (Church of san Juan después la Cruz), ValenciaChurch of san Juan del la cruz is a beautiful example of a Renaissance church. While it may not at first have the visual affect of various other imposing buildings, it must not it is in ignored. Ns architecture is simple y elegant. Over there is a large vaulted ceiling hosted up through spiral columns.The church was built in los early 17th siglo with extr rococo doméstica embellishment added in ns 18th siglo by Hipolito Rovira that studied in Italy y was affected by the arte work there. Hipolito Rovira additionally worked on number of churches in Valencia, however his stucco job-related in this church is magnificent.There space two página chapels in ns church, one belong to the Fisherman’s Guild the Valencia, y is really ns must see. Ns paintings and other functions of arte alone are worth los visit, also for those not enamored with the religious or architectural facets of ns building.Mass is organized at 7:30 pm Monday-Saturday, y at noon on Sunday.Image by Joanbanjo top top Wikimedia debajo Creative Commons License.Want come visit this sight? Check fuera these Self-Guided Walking tours in Valencia. Alternatively, you deserve to download ns mobile application "leopoldomoreira.com: go in 1K+ Cities" desde iTunes application Store or Google Play. Ns app transforms your mobile device to a personal tour guide y it works offline, so alguna data plan is essential when travel abroad.Download los leopoldomoreira.com AppIglesia del San Juan de la la cruz (Church of san Juan después la Cruz) top top MapCreate Your very own Self-Guided walk to Visit This Sightjarr = "pins":<<"39.472092","-0.374451","Iglesia después San Juan después la la cruz (Church of san Juan ese la Cruz)","0">>,"path":<>;Sight Name: Iglesia del San Juan después la superar (Church of smo Juan del la Cruz)Sight Location: Valencia, Spain (See walking tourism in Valencia)Sight Type: ReligiousGuide(s) containing This Sight:Valencia's Classical architecture Tour Walking tours in Valencia, SpainCreate your Own andar in ValenciaCreating your own self-guided caminar in Valencia is easy and fun. Pick the city attractions the you want to see y a caminar route mapa will be produced just for you. You can even collection your hotel as los start punto of the walk.Contemporary design WalkWith one foot in los past y the other one in the future, the is tough to find uno European city more architecturally intriguing 보다 Valencia. Among the multitude that styles, Valencia specifically excels at ns cutting-edge modern architecture. She fan it to her very own born y bred architect, Santiago Calatrava, renowned because that his hyper-modern-surreal designs.In los course of virtually two... Watch moreTour Duration: 1 Hour(s)Travel Distance: 1.4 kilometres or 0.9 MilesOld city Walking TourHome to many of Valencia's key tourist attractions, ns Ciutat Vella (Old Town) is undoubtedly the most charming part of los city, showing its history y retaining that is star-shaped middle ages layout. Formerly a walled town from the roman period, this area witnessed its major development commence in the 14th-15th centuries, the most tangible stays of which currently are Torres del Serranos (Serranos... Watch moreTour Duration: 2 Hour(s)Travel Distance: 3.0 km or 1.9 MilesValencia's Classical design TourGazing upon the multitude of styles on los facades that Valencia – Renaissance, Baroque, Modernist, Beaux-Art, arte Nouveau, and more – renders one realize that this is much more than just uno Mediterranean seaside destination with beautiful beaches. Colorful and diverse, los “capital of Turia” boasts ns wealth that architectural treasures that make it much more contrasting y delicate than any kind of other ciudad in... View moreTour Duration: 2 Hour(s)Travel Distance: 3.3 km or 2.1 MilesValencia arrival Walking TourValencia is the third largest city in Spain. The is a extendido area because that tourism, i m sorry brings more than 2 million tourists to the city each year. Valencia is well-known for that cuisine, cultural festivals y unique architecture.Valencia was established as uno Roman nest in 138 BCE. The was referred to as "Valentia Edetanorum," which way "strength" or "bravery." The city was... View moreTour Duration: 2 Hour(s)Travel Distance: 3.2 kilometres or dos MilesWhere To remain in Valencia, Spain rápido Guide of best Areas and Hotelsleopoldomoreira.com IncSelf-guided wade tours apps on iOS y Android for experimenting cities ~ above foot -papposo they make bus tourism obsolete!© 2021 leopoldomoreira.com Inc. All derecha Reserved.AboutAll CitiesTutorialsCreate ns WalkArticlesPrivacy PolicyTermsDisclosurediv#footer_branding, iframe#sovrn_beacon visibility:hidden !important; display:none !important window.ga=window.ga||function();ga.l=+new Date;ga("create", "UA-11316775-1", "auto");ga("send", "pageview");