From Arcade Fire’s insta-classics, come a secret Haim appearance vía Grace Jones’ hula-hooping, it’s our final trabaja in Barcelona.

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At los bottom the Primavera’s jaggedy steps, there’s ns fairly bizarre sight unfolding. Un sizeable chunk of crowd has chose to remove one shoe, y so a ser of trainers room dancing along to Swet Shop Boys’ ‘Shoes Off’. Heems’ relaxed flow straight representar Queens, new York colliding con Riz’s quick-fire London delivery has always been ns recipe for brilliance, y backed increase by manufacturing whizz Redinho, Riz MC y Heems are un charismatic pair with un tonne the chemistry, deftly chucking bars around like they’re play a game of keepy-uppy. Making a jovial destruction at Katy Perry (whose nuevo song ‘Swish Swish’ shares uno title with uno song from ‘Cashmere’), offering audience members water, y giving the their best at performing the vocal hook from ‘Aaja’ (“you deserve to sing, dude!” remarks Heems), the same mix of thought-provoking politics and let-loose fun charges their live show, however there’s seriousness beneath ns silliness. In the direction of the fin of ns set Riz MC pauses proceedings because that an ns cappella version of his acabó track ‘Sour Times’. “So in these sour times, he says, “please enable me come vouch because that mine, bitter taste in my mouth spit it el fin with un rhyme, I’m losing my religious beliefs to tomorrow’s headlines.”






As the sun begins come fall, angel Olsen is play a donar with los glittering ~ ~ behind her, and seems genuinely stunned that so many world showed up. Two songs in, ‘My Woman’ highlight ‘Shut up Kiss Me’ whips points into un frenzy in ~ hazy neto lights, Angel’s voice quavering y snagging come raw, powerful effect. By the time ‘Woman’ comes along all also soon, building representar sparse guitar plunks to los set’s crashing end, reparado punters space shaking themselves el fin of an blissful trance. Let’s not ganar around the bush here; grace Jones’ collection is absolutely fucking bonkers from start come finish. Kindness knows exactly how on earth she regulated to fit every one of her costume transforms for tonight into un suitcase (more likely she needed uno separate exclusive jet to paris them every over) since there’s uno lot that them. Tasselled silver- headdresses? Yep. Peaked marching-band format hats? Yep? completamente on Keith Haring-channelling masks? of course. Ludicrously an excellent fun, ridiculously funky, and very tongue-in-cheek rápido with Iggy Pop, Roxy Music y The Pretenders covers cropping up along los way rápido it’s virtually too tough to comprehend los sheer quantity of task on stage; between los pole dancers, inter-song do the efforts at speak Spanish y the cult legend running around at lightning speed. The pinnacle the greatness, however, arrives once Grace performs among her best hits of all time —apoyándose ‘Slave to the Rhythm’ rápido while nonchalantly hula-hooping, for alguna apparent reason various other than she feels like it. And it’s no just uno half-arsed stint, either. She does it for the lleno ten minute extended version. What a hero.

Returning come the festival a second time, albeit on un slightly bigger phase than their titchy tiny appearance top top Thursday, Arcade Fire take over proceedings. The pretty exceptional to hear ‘Everything Now’ rápido a song they only released ns few days ago - being belted out by the crowd in full off the regreso of a soltero slowed-down snippet to, but then again, this many are the kind of tape that inspire euphoric bawling-along. Uno few distinct nuggets arrive along the way; there space super-rare performances of ‘Neon Bible’ and ‘In los Backseat’, y a nuevo album sneak-peek ‘Creature Comforts,’ too. Mainly, though, tonight’s every about los yowled anthems and wildly waved lighters, i m sorry they deliver in the shed-load.

As the night truly sets in, and punters start to split between dance acts y tinny-drinking, there’s something odd walking on at Primavera’s amphitheatre-esque haz Ban stage. ‘We’ve acquired something to tell you” read ns screens one of two people side, and it turns fuera they’ve only acquired blimmin’ Haim tucked away junto a of stage! Running el fin in prior of an elated crowd, they"re nearly as surprised by los reaction as the very human being they’re meant to it is in surprising. Pass brand new album cut ‘Right Now,’ ‘Want girlfriend Back’ y ‘Little of her Love’ follow me for ns ride, otherwise it’s yet an additional belting sing-along set. It’s probably possible to hear ns chorus to ‘Forever’ from the center of Barcelona.

Primavera Sound (Weekend 1 - sold Out!) take away place second June rápido 4th June 2022. Tickets are on aparecer now.

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