Galeria Juana De Aizpuru

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How to become ns partner gallery?

You have the right to become un partner gallery by contacting our sales team or by signing up at As a gallery partner you deserve to take gastos generales your collection profile to get discovered by buyers from around the world y receive qualified leads that ultimately drive sales. If you desire to have 3D recordings of your exhibitions you can also sign up because that that.

Can i upload my private arte collection?

Yes, you are able come upload her private arte collection. You do that by downloading the iOS app here, create ns profile y then empezar uploading. You deserve to choose ns privacy of ns profile yourself and decide if los works must be visible for ns public or not.

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Why should i create ns profile on

By creating ns profile top top you will be able to upload friend private arte collection, do enquiries, monitor artists y galleries, save and share artworks and receive our newsletters.

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How come buy artworks top top

If you desire to buy one artwork accessible on girlfriend have the opportunity to "Buy Now" and "Make one Offer", in addition to ours "Contact Gallery" method of inquiry y purchase, providing you numero 3 distinct methods to be in tocar with un gallery for the acquisition of an artwork.