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no girlfriend don't desire an entourage. No sanjagrujic/Getty imagen

Some civilization are friends con you since of what you deserve to do for them. La red flags incorporate friends who repeatedly shot to market you something, ask to borrow money again y again, or store tabs ~ above favors. ("You fan me casa sitting because identificación took care of your dog.") these friends regularly cross the hilera between friendship and business.

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The transaction might likewise be more subtle — you"re friends con them because they excellent you con cartoon understanding in their eyes and in regresar you get un shot to your self-esteem. You"re friends due to the fact that they host you trasero just enough that you deserve to blame them, fairly than yourself, for not accomplishing her dreams.

In sum, if you leaving every interaction con an advice to wash your hands, look closer and see if you can using castle or being used yourself. In ns end, you want friends, no an entourage.

no Unhealthy actions can circulate in ns friend group. No Jacob Lund/Shutterstock

Back in 2007,a now-famous study in the New england Journal of Medicinetracked los spread of excessive weight through uno "deeply interconnected social network" of an ext than 12,000 people, underscoring that sociedad ties link to health and wellness behavior.

Turns fuera healthy (or unhealthy) behavior can circulate within uno smaller friend group, too. Because that instance, unhealthy psychological habits like a tendency to placed each other abajo or to complain constantly have the right to spread representar friend come friend. Or unhealthy body photo or disordered eating actions might be uno culture in her circle.

More seriously, if you"re battling ns substance abuse problem normalized by uno friend group ("If us all drink until we black color out, doesn"t that make it normal?"), it"s complicated yet crucial to drop friends. Indeed, arriving at ns same bar with the same people will inevitably lead to los same behavior.

Ideally, friends job-related together to eat better, team approximately exercise, or weather the horrors of avoiding smoking together. Yet if her friend traction you down, pressures you come drink or smoke delaware you"ve make it clean you"re trying to change, or otherwise ridicules her attempts to take treatment of yourself, it may be time to distance yourself.

If your friendship is an extremely intricate, that might be a neto flag. No lechatnoir/Getty no

Manipulation, fundamentally, is managing ns emotions that others, y not in a good way. It"s sulking to acquire someone to feel bad, it"s being specifically nice to butter who up.

It"s really tough to put your finger on whether or no it"s happening, since being ns target the manipulation is prefer being los proverbial frog in los slowly boiling water — it"s only after you"re fuera de that you establish the full extent the what to be happening.

But there space clues: her friendship may feel unnecessarily intricate. You"re at ns loss because that words as soon as others ask friend about the friendship. "It"s complicated," is los best you deserve to muster.

Another clue: Without quite realizing it, you"ve adjusted for los worse as ns result that this friendship (less happy, less secure, less confident) but somehow you"re the one constantly doing los apologizing. Or girlfriend may just feel favor something is constantly off. You even ask her friend "what"s wrong?" but los answer (or los resulting quiet treatment) simply makes you much more confused.

Any of these ideas may be signs of emotionally manipulation. Indeed,a 2016 study unsurprisingly found that manipulation hung together with lower levels of essential friendship features like gift able to express empleado thoughts and feelings, offering comfort as soon as needed, merely being funny to be with, y always being there because that each various other (which, by ns way, in research-speak is referred to as "reliable alliance").

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no it doesn't mean you have to be friends. Jacob Lund/ no

Sometimes we force un friendship once we have actually a raza background and similar lives. Similarity somehow renders us think we should be friends. But it doesn"t matter if girlfriend went to ns same elementary school or look choose spitting imagenes of every other.

What"s yes, really important? Well, a 2012 study assessed gastos generales 1,400 people; several of them had actually friendships with people of un different race, sexual orientation, or gender, y some that them walk not. Those con cross-category friendships put less worth on having casta lives, values, y experiences together their friends. What walk they emphasis on instead? los true building blocks of friendship: trust, honesty, respect, y being there because that each other.

no You must be un friend, not an employee. iStock / Getty images Plus/Getty imagen

Do any kind of of this sound familiar? You justify selfish y inconsiderate behavior: "I"m certain he meant to clean up this mess he left as soon as he borrowed my car, he to be probably just busy." girlfriend initiate all the ideas, do all los plans, y are responsible for an altering them if they"re not convenient for your friend: "Oh, you determined to meet uno Tinder date tonight? Um, sure, we can reschedule." y finally, you do all ns emotional occupational — talking them down, shoring castle up: "Of food you"re amazing. Sure, let"s talk around all the ways girlfriend rock. Again."

If you"re law all los work in ns relationship, you"re one employee, not un friend. Time to take into consideration going ~ above strike.

no ns good friend shares in your struggles and successes. No JGI/Jamie Grill/Getty imagen

This one may sound cliche, yet it"s important. Friends shouldn"t be choose your iPod earphones — never about when you need them however getting tangled up in things when you"re not.

The research on friendship is rife con words favor "reciprocal," "mutual," and "shared," y if nobody of those pertained to mind as soon as you think about a específico friendship, it could be hora to espalda away.

Indeed, all those graduation night songs about "I"ll be on your side forevermore" and "I"ll be your friend, I"ll assist you carry on," if cheesy, space about much more than swaying with arms approximately each other"s shoulders. Good friendships represent an equilibrium of mutual support. Even dissimilarities between good friends regulate to cómputo each other out.

Of course, gastos generales time the cómputo will shift back y forth — you will certainly inevitably have un major life peligro at ns same hora your girlfriend gets un promotion, but good friends space there come share in her successes and your struggles. Friend don"t have to link arms and sing, however you need to feel sure than in your friendship, winter, spring, summer, or fall, every you need to do is call.

yes, really friends permit you it is in yourself. NBC

Let"s fin with ns big one. You"re not ns same everywhere you walk — you behave differently at uno job interview or visiting grandma than when hanging fuera with her friends, yet if you feel pulled to readjust or hide who you are, or you feel ashamed delaware hanging out with your friend, it may be hora to try on other friendships.

To pave up, years of research y millennia of typical sense tell united state that connecting with true friend is one of the best points we deserve to do for our health and happiness.

Breaking up with less-than-true girlfriend is ns tough decision. Indeed, there must have been a time when friend were an excellent friends to every other, or you wouldn"t it is in in struggling with the question to start with.

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Now, friends will certainly come and go representar your life. Some will be context-dependent, like un work friend or un school friend. These are all fine. Not every friend needs to be a Golden Girls-style pal y confidante. But real friends shouldn"t hurt, manipulate, or use you, or push you come be who you"re not. Un true girlfriend inspires girlfriend to be better, happier, healthier, and more "yourself."

This Quick y Dirty Tips historia was originally published on organization Insider on April 3, 2017.