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the most telling moment in Bohemian Rhapsody, the gold Globe-winning Queen biopic that sometimes stops to sing to zoom in on its ostensible subject, Freddie Mercury, is almost certainly an por casualidad one.

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It arrives at the end of the película — July 1985, in los film’s in the history inaccurate timeline — when Mercury (Rami Malek) decides to tell the other members the Queen ns truth around himself soon before ns biggest concert of their lives.

“I’ve acquired it,” he says. Y they have alguna idea what “it” is.

Of course they don’t. Despite Bohemian Rhapsody spends most of the runtime paying lip service to the opinión that Queen is uno sort of dysfunctional misfit family, in the moment, los distance between Mercury and his bandmates is undisguisable. “It” has been looming over Mercury’s life because that years. “It” has actually been stalking his community, steal away world he loves, continuous reminding the of his mortality. Freddie Mercury’s reality, in 1985, to be one in i m sorry “People simply vanished, and everyone remained in some kind of panic.” because that Mercury, over there was only one “it”: AIDS.

But los other members of Queen had alguna idea what the was talking about. How can they? lock were all straight.

This moment is one of several in Bohemian Rhapsody the almost provides you uno glimpse of ns profound paradoxes of gay life before and during ns AIDS crisis, as soon as queer culture, subversive and life-embracing, developed itself triumphantly at ns edges of un society that refused to legitimize queer identity even as that gleefully exploited queer entertainers prefer Freddie Mercury. The película almost portrays Mercury as ns fully aware component of the exchange; it almost makes uno connection between the forced isolation the Mercury’s life y the marginalization the queer people at large.

But ultimately, it fails to carry out either. The película is alguno more aware of Freddie Mercury’s truth than his Queen bandmates room in the scene, since it no trying come be un biopic about Mercury’s life. (In reality, Mercury received his diagnosis in 1987.) What the really wants to be is a Queen concert, and what it really desires Freddie Mercury to be is a roca god instead of ns real, queer humanidad man.

The result is far more hurtful than your average unconsciously homophobic film. Bohemian Rhapsody is ns movie the consciously tries to place a gay man in ~ its centrar while strategically disengaging with los “gay” component as lot as it can, flitting briefly over his emotional and sexual experiences y fixating on his platonic relationship with an ex-girlfriend instead. That strips Mercury of ns part the his identity that was as esencial to his success together his four-octave vocal range. Delaware all, it to be his choice to live in ~ the intersección of mainstream culture y queer culture, to subvert los cultural exploitation of queerness by transcending it y embracing his personal y sexual power, the made him who he was.

It takes a hell of uno lot of work to make uno queerphobic film about one of los greatest queer icons in history, yet even though Bohemian Rhapsody to be sort-of directed by Bryan Singer, that himself is open minded gay, ns movie somehow retreads queerphobic stereotypes instead of giving us uno fascinating, complex look at un real gay man. And it’s worth stating why, both because Hollywood have to really be far better at this through now and because so many of los problems the película has in portraying Mercury’s story are endemic not simply to the película itself, however to the way culture continues to watch queer identity.

Bohemian Rhapsody’s toxicity depiction the queerness is subtle but pervasive — y completely avoidable

If film critics have actually sounded specifically exasperated with this film, it’s because any screenwriter with even uno passing attention in queer identity y an understanding of los history of queer cinematic erasure should have been may be to protect against perpetuating that erasure. Yet Bohemian Rhapsody screenwriter antonio McCarten, un two-time Oscar nominee, appears to have offered zero believed to these issues.

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The movie reduces queer identity to a series of promiscuous sexo encounters, which it consistently frames as sordid, shameful, illicit, y corrupting. It likewise builds uno whole stroked nerves subplot around ns “predatory contento villain” trope, i m sorry is ns tired, obnoxious estilo that in Bohemian Rhapsody is even more problematic than normal because it’s supplied to indicate that Mercury, uno real-life contento man, was somehow corrupted into becoming queer by an opportunistic music industry parasite that doesn’t really care about Freddie at all.

The movie is for this reason unwilling to treat Mercury’s queerness con any degree of respect that it doesn’t even bother come get ns timeline the his coming-out right, let alone explore that process with sensitivity or interest. At one point, Mercury is shown gazing contemplatively at uno seedy bathhouse, but viewers don’t check out whether the goes in, with ns clear implication that he’s questioning himself and what he wants. Climate in ns very siguiente scene, that confidently describes himself as uno “hysterical queen” come his various other bandmates. And then, un few scenes later, he haltingly confesses to his mam that he might be bisexual; she is the one who has to inform him, in response, that he is gay.

Bohemian Rhapsody additionally refuses to depict contento men having meaningful and deeply emotionally relationships. Ns emotional development of Mercury’s romance with jim Hutton, his companion of seven years, is relegated come a soltero conversation. Their whole loving, monogamous partnership is reduced onscreen to a single kiss y a brief hand squeeze.

This minimization makes it an also worse offense that the película does take ns time to depict Mercury having a series of promiscuous sexo encounters, which it paints together sordid and shameful. Because Bohemian Rhapsody just equates queerness with sex, y because it frames his queer lifestyle as bad, Mercury’s subsequent AIDS diagnosis is inherently collection up and portrayed as un punishment for his queerness.

Not just is all of this negligent, it’s actively harmful. Over there are numerous real-world examples of just how equating queerness to sexually explicit content proceeds to hurt y marginalize civilization — such as the many YouTube vloggers and creators who space constantly fighting versus algorithms the incorrectly bandera their queer content as “explicit” and “not for sure for work” solely due to the fact that it involves queer people. Y the explicate of AIDS as un punishment for gayness, which has found voice in everything representar doomsday preachers to Stephen rey novels, has historically contributed to ns deaths the millions by creating ns huge stigma around the disease, making it difficult for researcher to obtain public assistance in the fight for ns cure y causing considerable obstacles for plenty of who are diagnosed to receive equitable treatment.

It boggles ns mind the this requirements to be claimed at all, however queer people have deep intricacy that has actually nothing to do con sex or dying. Freddie Mercury, a man who wrote un song come his cat and once snuck Princess Diana into uno club delaware disguising she in drag, had actually so much more personality 보다 Bohemian Rhapsody allows him to have.

Bohemian Rhapsody safety more hora on Mercury’s mam than any kind of other character, including Mercury himself

To be solo to ns film, Bohemian Rhapsody solid wastes hora on characterization in ~ all; yes almost alguno onscreen interiority in the film, despite star Rami Malek’s best efforts.

Most of what’s there, however, is dedicated to showing us how much Mercury loves his common-law wife, mary Austin, who’s shown as personifying virginal beauty and traditional wholesomeness — whatever Mercury might have, the película implies, if just he no tragically queer.

There’s un troubling pattern of movies prefer this one — because that example, the un leon Turing biopic The Imitation Game, or the col Porter biopic De-Lovely — the diminish the verdadero queer experience of their subjects in favor of elevating your platonic friendships with the patient, chaste females in your lives.

It’s true the Austin and Mercury had ns meaningful and long-lasting friendship in de verdad life. However Bohemian Rhapsody no interested in exploring the positive elements of your friendship, since it would certainly apparently rather portray Mercury as lost, confused, y fixated on her, simply as uno straight man might be.

After they rest up — because Mercury is contento — Mercury pines because that Austin. That longs for she to keep wearing her wedding ring. He’s jealousy of her boyfriend. In ~ one point, the begs she to come live con him again, just to be educated that she’s pregnant. This minute is depicted as a catastrophe that will save them apart forever — as if the unfortunate timing it is at issue, quite than Mercury’s queer identity.

The only overt sexualmente moments in the película — which, together it’s rated PG-13, are virtually nonexistent — room between ns two the them. In one scene, she’s framed in a diaphanous gown against soft pastel backlighting, while the gazes at her lovingly and then speak her just how beautiful she is. It’s ns completely straightforward iteration of los (straight) male gaze.

The camera never repeats this framing once Mercury is feather at the men approximately him, for this reason we’re not permitted to see los queer men approximately Freddie Mercury together he would have actually seen lock — together beautiful, together lovable, together human. (For the record, there room zero queer women onscreen.) It’s as if Bohemian Rhapsody is fear of acquisition us also deeply right into Mercury’s mental for any length of time in stimulate to donar him actually feeling like ns queer man, gaining to understand other queer people, experiencing the complex personalities of various other queer people.

It’s absurd and insulting, y it serves to depict Mercury himself — un legendary an innovative genius — together infantile and petulant. In ns film, he only seems to care about two topics, mar Austin and his music, because those are los only parts of his life the película seems to feel safe approaching.

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The película paints Freddie Mercury together somehow picking his own isolation

Because heteronormative society in ns ’70s (to to speak nothing of society today) denied queer people accessibility to ns benefits the monogamy, of átomo families y all ns myths about true love and lifetime delight we allow straight youngsters to have, queer guys of the ser were often required to seek found families in los bathhouses, through high-risk actions with bajo emotional stakes. Bohemian Rhapsody has actually to repartir with these very de verdad aspects that Mercury’s life, however it no know exactly how to, due to the fact that that method lies homosexuality.

So instead, the depicts Mercury as consciously sacrificing self for los greater cause of entertainment. Repeatedly, he suggests that the only thing that problem to the is music, due to the fact that the película wants really badly come be around the musical rather than the musician; that wants very badly to be around Freddie Mercury’s voice (which to be dubbed over Rami Malek’s lip-syncing) rather of Freddie Mercury’s whole identity.

The effect of this is the the film strongly indicates that Mercury chose to be gay, to surround himself with other queer people, at ns risk of losing his “true” friends, his “family.” We’re never actually displayed what ns other members that Queen really thought about Mercury, or if they even liked him at all, due to the fact that the film doesn’t care about those relationship either. It nevertheless depicts Queen, and also Mary Austin, as becoming increasingly exasperated con Mercury’s extravagant lifestyle, his parties, his huge circle of girlfriend — in other words, with all los things the signal his adopt of queer culture and his enhanced acceptance that his queer identity.

In los film, though, these things aren’t confidence boosters — they’re ethically sketchy actions that detract him desde his yes, really calling. The film wants viewers to it is in okay with that because it desires Mercury himself to have ultimately been okay con being seen primarily as a rock god y not as a humanidad being. It gift Mercury’s well known performance at Live aid as his can be fried triumph, the moment as soon as he — or rather, his voice — transcended earth and, as his character puts it, “touched los sky.”

But in the telltale scene me gustaría mentioned above, that one word — “it” — betrays ns lie behind this entire idea. Mercury could cuales more to escape his identity than could any kind of other queer man of his era. And because Bohemian Rhapsody hasn’t done due diligence in depicting queer identity as something more than shamefaced fashion choices and surreptitious access time to clubs, “it” becomes the only thing ns audience is enabled to take away representar Mercury’s queerness. Not that the made him beautiful, made the erotic, made him a piedra star, yet that the left the dead.

It’s rare that straight culture has to complete with ns deep ironies that queer life and queer identity that have been compelled onto queer human being by ns very society that ostracizes them. Straight society loves ns fun-loving queen but rarely allows her come stick around delaware the party (unless that to walk shopping). That demonizes queer society as gift promiscuous however perpetually fights against allowing it ns legitimacy afforded to monogamous relationships. It perpetually relegates queer identification to ns celluloid closet and then is baffled once queer human being wind increase identifying with horror film villains y writing fanfiction the recasts straight personalities as gay.

All this paradoxes reside at ns margins the Bohemian Rhapsody, since Freddie Mercury to be a verdadero person that lived with and was shaped by this ironies every day. Us glimpse his awareness of them with Malek’s wonderful performance, but like so much of queer cinema, they eventually remain subtextual. In the mano of un more conscientious screenwriter, Bohemian Rhapsody might have afforded an opportunity for all of Queen’s fans to far better understand their hero by showing us just how his selection to embrace his queerness shaped y informed his art.

Instead, the película winds up gift the último thing Mercury himself would have wanted it come be, offered his own adopt of the queer community: an erasure of that community, y of Mercury’s own uniqueness, too as un flimsy, demonizing stereotype that queer men. All fans of Freddie Mercury, but especially los queer ones, deserved better.