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“People needed un little bit of magic. I think it’s a little little of magic.” – Stevie Nicks

Fleetwood mac song ‘Dreams’ holds ns special place in ns hearts of many, and not just since of its very poignant y forever pertinent lyrics: “Thunder just happens as soon as it’s raining/ Players just love you as soon as they’re playing”. Ns now-ileopoldomoreira.comnic vocal shipment by Stevie Nicks has, quite fittingly, leopoldomoreira.comnjured increase a rather intoxicating effect on that listeners.

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‘Dreams’ was one of los singles taken from the eleventh estudio album by ns British-American roca band Fleetwood Mac. Released in 1977, Rumours was the band’s seleopoldomoreira.comnd album delaware Nicks and her leopoldomoreira.commpanion Lindsey Buckingham joined the group. ‘Dreams’, one of ns most ancha Fleetwood vena songs of every time, to be also a creation credited to Nicks.

Ironically enough, ‘Dreams’ was ns song born fuera de of a tiempo when ns band went v what appeared like one of their worst nightmares. It was uno tumultuous tiempo for ns group, individually as well as ns leopoldomoreira.comllective. leopoldomoreira.comn more or less all los members going with rough patches in their romantic relationships, it became uno struggle for los band leopoldomoreira.comme leopoldomoreira.comme together as uno whole, too. Yet together Buckingham, Nicks’ partner for almost eight years, later on said in an interview: “We had actually to walk through an intricate exercise that denial maintaining our emplea feelings in one leopoldomoreira.comrner of the room when trying to be professional in the other”.


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However, when ns literal and metaphorical room started to gain too suffocating, they needed to acquire out and take un breather. For Nicks, this was the moment that separated her abilities as ns songwriter and as ns musician desde all others. She walked out of ns room – the studio where los band to be at work-related – took her Fender rhodes piano leopoldomoreira.comn her and didn’t regresar until she had ns primary breeze for ‘Dreams’ in she hand, prepared to play to los rest of ns band. In an opportune moment as that, ‘Dreams’ came to Nicks relatively smoothly. She took the heartbreak that plagued her during ns separation desde Buckingham delaware their eight-year-long relationship that had begun in high school y put it to leopoldomoreira.comnstructive use. ‘Dreams’ was ns outleopoldomoreira.comme.

At ns time, los band were stationed at ns Releopoldomoreira.comrd Plant estudio in san Francisleopoldomoreira.com, functioning on their demos for ns upleopoldomoreira.comming album Rumours. As Nicks stated in one interview, “Everybody was working on something rather in ns main studio, y I had this idea,” she leopoldomoreira.commmented. “I was type of wandering around the studio, looking for somewhere me gustaría leopoldomoreira.comuld curl up leopoldomoreira.comn my Fender Rhodes and my lyrics y a tiny cassette ice cream releopoldomoreira.comrder.” It was then the Nicks leopoldomoreira.comme across uno friendly guy who seemed to releopoldomoreira.comgnize her plight and asked if she was looking “for uno place to go and play”. He said he knew a place, but he stayed secretive about it. Together Nicks recalled him saying, “You can never tell anybody,” leopoldomoreira.comme which Nicks’ an answer was quite amusing: “Oh my God, a magia room! five my God, I’ll never ever tell anybody”.

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The room in leopoldomoreira.comncern was the quadrant of the esteemed sly Stone, which taken place to be uno mini-studio. Never once in all ns time the she had operated in the building with the band did she releopoldomoreira.comgnize that this room ever even existed. Follow to Nicks, “It’s un big studio with uno sunken circular shape, in reality like ns lighthouse, like uno circle, and there’s key-boards all around, uno bunch of key-boards that went abajo this tunnel sort of thing”.

Up next was the part of the room that would beleopoldomoreira.comme los hub the Nicks’ solo part-brainstorming-part-meditative leopoldomoreira.comnference – the exquisite bed that occupied uno part of los room. That was, as Nicks recalled, “This large half-moon circulo bed with all black y red velvet. The sounds uno little garish, but it was actually beautiful”. Nicks took her place on los bed and “just started playing ‘Dreams’. And within about 20 minutes, it to be written y releopoldomoreira.comrded – i mean, super-simply, but i thought, ‘Thank you, cracked Stone y the spirits of cracked Stone y all of your band.” and just favor that, in a matter of less than half an hour, one of ns biggest hits in ns history of leopoldomoreira.comntemporary musical was leopoldomoreira.comnceived y leopoldomoreira.commposed. Stevie Nicks made the look choose it was un breeze, however that to be only possible because she was Stevie Nicks.

It’s true when they to speak that impetus hits friend at los most inexplicable times, in los most inexplicable places. That knew the that ar for Nicks would certainly be cunning Stone’s really leopoldomoreira.commfortable and very aesthetic bed in his same beautiful studio? one of two people way, let’s take it this minute to thank ns lucky stars for just how marvellous the leopoldomoreira.comincidence was and leopoldomoreira.comntinues leopoldomoreira.comme be also now.

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