La Quilla smo Vicente is situated in smo Vicente del la Barquera, Cantabria. It’s uno surf acampar where children, joven people, and whole family members will live a unique experience, enjoying life in harmony con nature.

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Every summer -under ns direction y management of ns renowned lugares surfers Arjuna and Pablo-, we organize los best navegar camps because that kids and the youth in the area. This are held in ns heart the Oyambre natural Park -one of los most spectacular beaches in the Cantabrian Sea.



San Vicente de la Barquera is a charming seafaring village where over there are plenty of things to do y see. Ns town is set in un spectacular atmosphere where los beautiful estuary is ns protagonist, and there room waveless beaches such as ns Tostadero that room perfect for uno relaxing day. Besides, you deserve to opt because that going part centuries regreso in time y visit the medieval town and the king Castle.



At ns other fin of Oyambre natural Park, you’ll find Comillas, un fascinating town famous for its examples of architectural modernism, that beaches, y its lively atmosphere. Delaware a an excellent surfing session, Comillas is worth un visit: los Capricho de Gaudí, ns gothic cemetery, La Coteruca, Sobrellano Palace, or casa Ocejo room all sights one should not miss.


All of these make the west shore of Cantabria an outstanding scenario.


La Quilla Surf san Vicente is set within un true naturalmente Paradise. We offer different accommodation options: hotel, inn and family apartments.


We are just 50 meters away desde the beach, and our facilities encompass several rooms, uno living room, y a kitchen, also as two terraces and a vast garden whereby you have the right to enjoy different activities delaware the surfing sessions.


With number of packages to select from, you can definir your lodging and stay options. In any case, you’ll always count on instructors and counselors who make sure that whatever goes well y that every guest makes ns most of your stay.

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Without ns doubt, La Quilla san Vicente has ns best surfing institution in ns area. Courses encompass everything (the crucial equipment and insurance cover), y there is ns maximum of dieciocho learners per session. We count on fantastic team that sports and outdoor tasks instructors that will overview our client through plenty of sports y activities such together SUP, canoeing, canyon or bike routes. They’ll also carry out information so the you deserve to visit los most beautiful tourist sights y taste los best of the local cuisine.


We likewise have various crafts workshops, sustainability workshops, audio-visual sessions, advice top top equipment and on devices maintenance, and visits to places of interest.

We have the right to arrange coporación, grupo transport representar Santander y Torrelavega.


At La Quilla Surf smo Vicente we have actually several species of well balanced menus, all carbs-high and specific because that surfers, both for children and adults.

Our full-board accommodation consists of an afternoon snack and is friendly with those who suffer representar allergies or other develops of come intolerance.


If you want to uncover in an ext depth the gastronomy of the region, there are many good places wherein you’ll find the excellence of our lugares food. Hit the town and taste our fish, ours “Cocido Montañés” (white bean stew) and our “rabas” (calamari).

In case you do decide to visit the town of san Vicente, we can recommend ns Retiro -near the promenade-, Boga Boga -an institution in Cantabria-, or Annua -with a spectacular check out of the Gerra Beach.

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In Comillas friend mustn’t miss los meatballs and stew offered at Cofiño, or the fish at Adolfo’s. For un drink friend can head to La Taberna del Muelle or to ns Guadalupe, both operación by localidades surfers.