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Your hãng asus computer won"t boot? There is no sound from the asus microphone or speakers? Want the hãng asus audio driver for Windows 8 downloaded (or the all in one hãng asus video driver downloaded, all in one motherboard drivers for XP for hãng asus downloaded)? Have motherboard problems with your Asus? Have you ever checked all the drivers on your computer to lớn fix these problems regarding hãng asus laptop, PC or notebook computer? Missing, outdated, or corrupted drivers can easily cause lots of computer problems. This article will show you how to không tính phí download the best-matched asus drivers, và how khổng lồ update to lớn the latest asus drivers on your laptop, notebook or desktop PC to fix hãng asus device problems. Read the content below carefully so that you won"t miss any point.

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Part 1. Fix asus Drivers Problems

Part 2. Quickly download or Update asus Drivers for Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista

Part 3. The Most Common asus Drivers and Downloads

Part 1. Fix asus Drivers Problems

All computers need drivers to lớn communicate with hardware and work properly. Each time when you connect a device to your asus laptop or desktop PC, it will find a driver for your device. If the driver is missing, outdated, broken, or incompatible, things will go wrong, such as you can’t connect lớn wireless network (or Wi-Fi), display card doesn’t work, asus computer can’t recognize your device, hardware doesn"t work after Windows 10 update, etc.

The most common hãng asus drivers problems are asus video driver problems, WiFi & Ethernet problems, asus motherboards problems, sound card driver problems, display driver problems (such as display driver stopped responding and has recovered), hãng asus laptop touchpad not working, driver asus all in one yg phụ trợ Win 10 problems, etc.

Then how lớn fix problems regarding hãng asus laptop or hãng asus PC computer? The direct & also the most effective way to fix asus drivers problems is to tải về and update hãng asus drivers. For those who also look for hãng asus audio driver update tool, read on.

If you are looking for asus drivers for Windows 10, see How lớn Quickly download or Update hãng asus Drivers for Windows 10.

Part 2. Quickly tải về or Update asus Drivers for Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista

You can manually tải về and install asus drivers, but it’s time-consuming and less effective, because it’s difficult to locate the exact drivers and in many cases the drivers you want are not available.

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Using hãng asus drivers update utility tool to automatically tải về and update asus drivers is a wise choice. You can try Driver Talent (formerly called, which is safe and professional lớn find drivers that are outdated, corrupted, missing, broken or incompatible, & then download the best suitable drivers for your asus devices and update to lớn the latest drivers. It goes for hãng asus Windows 10 drivers, g75vw wireless Windows 7 32 bit driver, hãng asus g50v driver Windows 8, hãng asus g50v driver Windows 8.1, asus g73 Windows 10 drivers, drivers for notebook hãng asus k73by Windows 8, Windows 8.1 asus motherboards drivers, hãng asus Rog drivers, all in one hãng asus motherboard driver, as well as any other drivers for hãng asus PC, desktop or notebook computer (you can refer to the last part).

Quickly tải về and install Driver Talent on your computer (64 bit or 32 bit hãng asus Windows OS, like Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, or Windows Vista.)

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Editor"s Note: has been updated to the new version called Driver Talent with a fresh new look.

How to Automatically download and Install hãng asus Drivers

Step 1. Launch Driver Talent after you install it on your computer. Click "Scan". It will start khổng lồ scan your computer khổng lồ identify drivers problems.

Step 2. Repair the missing, broken or corrupted drivers. Driver Talent will start to tải về and install asus drivers.

Step 3. Update to lớn the latest drivers if there are any outdated ones. It will be easily done for asus PC or hãng asus laptop drivers download for Windows.


For asus peripheral drivers (drivers for hãng asus USB-connected devices), select the "Peripheral Drivers" menu to install them. Restart your computer after all drivers done. This helps lớn make all downloaded drivers into work.

The Most Common hãng asus Drivers & Downloads

Driver Talent can help you tải về and update all asus drivers, including Windows 10 hãng asus drivers, Windows 8.1 hãng asus drivers, Windows 8 hãng asus drivers, Windows 7 asus drivers, Windows XP asus drivers, Windows Vista hãng asus drivers, etc. Here are the hot asus drivers that you most need for hãng asus hardware and devices:

Asus drivers for Windows 10Asus drivers for Windows 8.1Asus drivers for Windows 8Asus drivers for Windows 7
Asus drivers for Windows VistaAsus drivers for Windows XPAsus 53S driversAsus A43S drivers

Asus All-in-one PCs driver

Asus BIOS driver

Asus CD Rom driver

Asus CD-RW drive driver

Asus desktop driver

Asus digital truyền thông media driver

Asus DVD-ROM/RW driver

Asus IDE driver

Asus máy tính driver

Asus modem driver

Asus monitor driver

Asus motherboard driver

Asus mouse driver

Asus netbook driver

Asus nettop driver

Asus network driver

Asus A53S driver

Asus SCSI driver

Asus vps driver

Asus sound driver

Asus tablet driver

Asus USB driver

Asus clip Card driver

Asus webcam driver

Asus audio driver

Asus graphics drivers

Asus touchpad driver

Asus keyboard driver

Asus k52f drivers

Asus công nghệ bluetooth driver

Asus wireless driver

Asus u56e drivers

Asus usb drivers

Asus g73jh drivers

Asus g74sx drivers

Asus g75vw drivers

Asus acpi driver

Asus g50v drivers

Asus k53e drivers

Asus k55a drivers

Asus camera driver

Asus m5a97 drivers

Asus x401a drivers

Asus x401a drivers

Asus k52f sound card driver win 8

Asus k55a windows 10

Asus g50v driver windows 8

Asus 551jm Windows 10 driver

Asus bt400 driversAsus ZenBook UX305 driversAsus ROG driversAsus X453S drivers

Asus 32 bit máy vi tính Windows 8.1 drivers