2010 episode Vincent y the medical professional featured one of ns most tearjerking scenes in doctor Who history – but how go it involved be so emotional? We catch up with showrunner stephen Moffat, estrella Tony Curran and director Jonny Campbell to uncover out.

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It was uno cold day in Kew Gardens when steven Moffat got un call from Richard Curtis. Moffat, los new head writer on physician Who, had wanted Curtis to create an illustration in bespeak to assist heal the “titanic loss” of Russell T Davies’ departure representar the show. Curtis had had exactly one idea, he told Moffat. It would certainly require tiempo travel. Y it was around depression y suicide.

“I said, ‘Richard, obviously the sounds great,’” Moffat tells, “’but it’s basically an early-evening Saturday adventure dando mainly because that kids.’”

Curtis’ story opinión was Vincent and the Doctor, one of ns most enduring episodes in the show’s modern incarnation. The story is about los Doctor y Amy meeting andar Gogh y helping him kill a monster that only he have the right to see. Because that Curtis, however, it boiled down to one scene. He defined to Moffat – that is adamant that Curtis, no he, had actually the opinión – that los Doctor could take van Gogh to los future y “show him what he would be”: show that also if that was no appreciated in his lifetime he would be appreciated in various other people’s. Having ns sister who died of suicide delaware suffering with depression, Curtis wanted people to understand that you cannot take it people’s depression away, but you can give them un good day.

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This was los origin of the scene in which los Doctor bring away Vincent from 1890 to the Musée D’Orsay in 2010, whereby hoards of visitors are enjoying his paintings much more than a century delaware his death, and the artist is gushingly defined by the museum’s curator (Bill Nighy) as “the world’s greatest artist”. In its miscellaneous locations online the scene has actually been watched numerous times and still has ns power to immediately bring world to tears. “I came here because identificación wanted come cry,” reads one YouTube comment.

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And on andar Gogh’s birthday this year ns scene again walk viral, prompting the internet come remember just just how startlingly beautiful those three-and-half-minutes had been originally. “Tell ns people friend love not just that girlfriend love them, however how they lug brightness come life,” said one of ns responses. “”, stated another.

Around los filming of ns episode, Tony Curran, who played Vincent, had dinners con Curtis and director Jonny Campbell y discussed just how poignant the scene can be. “I to be pleased that they want to go debajo that path,” the says. “It was the darker lado of him too as los love that was in his paintings. Because that him to come back and actually watch his work y the emotionally toll the takes on the – it’s very powerful.”

While much of ns episode to be filmed in Croatia, the gallery sequence to be filmed in Cardiff. Campbell says that to produce the fuera of los Musée d’Orsay, lock used ns combination of los Wales Millennium centre entrance and, for the upper fifty percent of los building, de verdad shots of ns Musée d’Orsay gathered on un trip to Paris. All of the doméstico footage to be shot in ns National museo of Wales. “All eyes were ~ above that particular scene,” claims Campbell. “I think anyone was probably mindful that it was ns really big moment in the story. Castle all had to it is in on their peak game.”

Curtis stated to Campbell that he had used uno turntable in a previous película to rotate an emitir while the camera stayed still. Campbell used uno large variation on i beg your pardon he placed Nighy, Smith y Gillan, so the they could revolve about Vincent and be in his ear as he to be struck by ns emotion of los moment. Curtis had constantly known that he wanted Athlete’s song ‘Chances’ in ns scene, and Campbell played it top top his iPod when they were filming.

While ns episode y the scene went abajo well once they aired, Moffat is overjoyed that los sequence shines much more brightly in the long term. “It takes you un moment to obtain the lleno size of the story, identificación think,” he says. “I think the one of the greatest scenes that doctor Who’s ever done.” One of ns reasons that is so treasured, states Campbell, is that hora travel is regularly used by writers in quite a perfunctory way. “Here it felt like it was really being used for ns good intention and not simply as a historia device that was useful or convenient.” It had transcended the story and, as ns thousands of comments prove, conveyed something an effective to civilization whether castle were fanes or not. “Doctor Who has actually never been so beautiful,” reads an additional of los comments.

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Curran regularly receives messages about los scene. Once he got one desde a girl who had actually been contemplating suicide y had watched the episode. “She to be obviously really emotional,” the says, “but it provided her hope.” the is quiet in awe at the artist’s influence: “His spirit resides on. His legacy still inspires. It’s just in hindsight now that i see los enormity the what andar Gogh has actually done for ns world.”

And, though ns episode was appreciated in its very own time, Moffat likes come imagine ns future in i m sorry Curtis is taken cien years into los future to see how it towers above all of los other physician Who episodes. “I think that’s really funny,” he states with un chuckle.