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Search term: tab search

URL: chrome://flags/#enable-tab-search

#12. Enable lazy image loading

This feature stops all the images on a web page from loading at once. Once you enable, images will only load when you scroll down và reach near them. This helps in loading pages faster & also saves bandwidth as only required images are loaded.

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Make sure you choose the enable option that lets you lazy load images without the lazy loading attribute.

Search term: lazy image

URL: chrome://flags/#enable-lazy-image-loading

#13. Back-forward cache

If you use the forward & backward buttons in Chrome, this option is excellent for saving data and navigating faster. Enabling this flag will cache full web pages lớn let you navigate khổng lồ them again without using an mạng internet connection. The forward/backward navigation will be instant too.

There is an option only lớn enable caching of the same site pages or every webpage you open.

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Search term: back forward cache

URL: chrome://flags/#back-forward-cache

#14. Enable LiteVideos

If you are looking to save mạng internet data và don’t mind watching videos at standard quality, then enable this flag. This flag will tell media requests that your mạng internet is slow, so videos will only load in SD quality.

Search term: litevideos

URL: chrome://flags/#enable-lite-video

Ending thoughts

I am using many of these flags myself & haven’t run into any noticeable problems yet. They are still experimental, though, so depending on your PC và activity, any of these flags can have a negative impact. Thankfully, the flags page shows all the activated flags at the very top. If you notice your Chrome browser acting up, just go to lớn the flags page và undo the changes to lớn fix the issue.

If you are a developer, then you may want to lớn explore the outstanding features of Chrome Dev Tools.