Spanish plan born in la villa de madrid on august 29, 1942 and died, additionally in the ciudad capital of Spain, on November 29, 1999. For nine months, ns period between July mil novecientos setenta y seis to may 1977, was director of los Cabinet in los first federal government of Adolfo Suárez, uno charge which, until then, had actually never held a woman at ns political background of Spain. The played a prominent function in ns years in which los Spaniards greeted the return to the nación of democracy delaware Franco"s death y was even named after the nickname that "Muse of the transition", an to know that the interested constantly refused. Owner of an eventful biography of tragic episodes, his life was marked by politics enthusiasm y personal discretion.

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Although his birth certificate figured out his identification as ns fourth y last daughter of ns marqueses del Llanzol, los soldier Francisco del Paula Díez Rivera and María Sonsoles después Icaza, Carmen was ns result of ns romantic relationship, which began in ns autumn of 1940 and that would último until 1955, between his mother y Ramón Serrano Súñer, through then nuevo Minister of foreign Affairs and the head of los Spanish estado "September". The young mrs did not know the reality the his ancestry to diecisiete years y the revelation developed in the worst imaginable situations. He/She had fallen in love and planned come marry Ramón Serrano Suñer, his half-brother. This setback the his adolescence significant his life forever. He/She fled Spain, traveled v Europe, entered ns Carmelite convent for uno few months, y for three years, operated in Ivory shore with a French programme the cooperation. Once he/she changed to la villa de madrid in 1967, he/she was un rebellious youth of veinticinco years far removed of the aristocratic values representing his mother and with a manifest attention by engaging in political developments in los country. In the Decade of los seventies, the militated in the sociedad democratic Union of Spain (USDE) that Dionisio Ridruejo and in the popular Socialist Party (PSP) the Enrique Tierno Galván.

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In 1969, he/she had started to work on RTVE as head of los Secretariat of the director-general, who had actually just assume Adolfo Suárez. Ns close experto relationship began then culminated in July mil novecientos setenta y seis when ns now prime Minister called Carmen Díez de Rivera director of his Cabinet. In addition to his research studies in political science, Carmen maintained ns smooth partnership with ns Spanish royal household y represented ns strong focus on the democratization that the nacional political system. However, its asserted sympathies by the political groups of los left y some of his performances, such as ns famous public conference at the Ritz Hotel in barna in January mil novecientos setenta y siete with Santiago Carrillo, leader of los still-illegal Communist Party, angry old guard Franco, even in the environment of Suárez. A few months delaware his appointment, understanding broke with los President y received an alert of the EESC y its deliver to los Department of board of directors of centrar Europe in may 1977.

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In the ranks of los CDS, the nuevo party started by Suárez, changed to ns public arena in 1987. He/She attained a seat in ns Chamber in Strasbourg and took part, as un MEP, of committees on the environment, publicly health and consumer protection. Two years later he/she abandoned los centrist formation y entered in ns PSOE, party i m sorry successively put in order in mil novecientos ochenta y nueve and mil novecientos noventa y cuatro European Member of parliament Act. He/She resigned from his chair in los spring the 1999, couple of months before ns cancer diagnosed dos years back ended his life.

In 2002, los Spanish reporter Ana Romero published history of Carmen: Memoirs the Carmen Díez después Rivera.