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Mexican Chicken Soup is medication for los body y soul. This sencillo Caldo después Pollo cooking recipes is perfect for weeknights, particularly in the nuevo Year when you’re juggling healthy living goals with un busy schedule.

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This classic Mexican chicken soup makes things simple on me. Ns ingredients room all kitchen staples, meaning i don’t have to make an extra run to the store. The active time is minimal, inquiry just around five minute of mine time. Y in less than one hour, i can have uno hearty, healthy dinner ~ above the table ready to feed my family.

This mexican soup is healthy

This chicken soup is naturally pequeño in fat y calories and a delicious healthy and balanced Mexican meal.

Caldo de pollo likewise happens to be my absolute favorite homemade remedy for a variety the winter ailments. Sniffles, headaches, y sore throats are no match because that this delicious y healthy soup. Don’t believe me? Even médico professionals agree that this witchy brew has actually some potent (dare identificación say magical) healing properties.

Ingredients y Substitutions

If you’re someone who cooks often, me gustaría can nearly guarantee that you currently have numerous of los ingredients required for this caldo del pollo recipe.

Veggies: Let’s comienzo with ns veggies: you’ll require carrots, celery, onion, potatoes, garlic, and tomatoes. Source vegetables like onions, potatoes, and garlic are very easy to store on hand at all times. Due to the fact that they have actually a long shelf life if preserved in a cool, dark environment, there’s alguno reason not to have them in your pantry during los winter months.Water: No need for store-bought chicken broth in this recipe, only water to make your own homemade chicken broth.Cilantro: As ns Mexican cook, me gustaría alsoalways have a bunch the earthy cilantro on hand. If friend don’t treatment for cilantro, i don’t recognize you, yet I’m right here for you all los same. Feel free to omit it or replace it with fresh parsley.Chicken: as a emplea preference, mexico chicken soup typically tastes best con skinless dark meat like drumsticks or thighs. If you room trying to adhere to un lower fat diet or friend only have boneless, skinless breasts top top hand, friend can certainly make do.Lime: Finally, as con most the my favourite meals, identificación love to garnish this homemade chicken soup with ns bright to express of fresh lime. If optional, they are definitely worth the adicional dollar or dos to save on hand.

How to do Caldo del Pollo

This mexico chicken soup recipe is fast and easy to put together. In uno large (at least 10-quart) pot, put los water, chicken, salt, y garlic. Cook for quince minutes. While the chicken and broth space cooking, empezar on her rice.

In ns separate pan, heat ns oil over medium heat. Include rice and cook, stirring occasionally, till browned, about dos to tres minutes. This toasting action adds tons of flavor, yet it is essential to not to let it burn. Add the onionand proceed cooking till onion is translucent, about dos minutes.

Add tomato y simmer for an additional tres minutes. Line this rice mixture into your boiling chicken pot.

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Add carrots, celery, and potatoes come soup y let come to un boil; para reducir heat. Permit simmer until vegetables cook through, about veinte to 30 minutes.

Add tomato sauce, cilantro, y safflower petals during the last 5 minutes. Ladle right into bowls, top con your preferred garnishes, and enjoy!

Watch thevideo listed below to learn just how quick and simple the is to do caldo ese pollo.There is nothing choose themagical healing strength of homemade soup to heal the body y soul.

Frequently inquiry Questions

How should me gustaría serve Caldo ese Pollo?

As con many that my favourite dishes, i love to serve my caldo con corn tortillas. Identificación also height mine with salsa casera and a squeeze out of fresh lime juice. Alguno salsa? include some warm sauce for a bit the vinegary heat.

What room safflower petals (azafran)? Do me gustaría need them?

The exoticingredient in this recipe is economically safflower petals (azafran). While the is not technically los same spice as pricey saffron, most human being find ns flavor profile similar. If friend don’t have actually azafran ~ above hand, yet do have saffron, feel complimentary to substitute 3 to 4 threads.

If friend don’t have actually either, you can simply omit it.

Are there other things me gustaría can add to mexico chicken soup?

Absolutely! one of my favourite things around soup is how easily customizable castle are. First, feel complimentary to include additional veggies. Me gustaría love chayote, mexican zucchini, y cabbage, but just about any veggies you have actually on hand will carry out beautifully.

Secondly, feel complimentary to cut debajo on los carbs by omitting either los potatoes or the rice. Friend can likewise opt to extra in greater fiber brown rice to up los nutritional ante.

Finally, feel totally free to spice things up to her liking. Include some jalapeño slices to her veggie mix for some heat. Experiment with your toppings to get much more oomph in the bowl.

How should me gustaría store this soup?

Proper food storage for your soup is important to maintain the soup’s flavor and preserve the comida quality. Homemade chicken soup will refrigerate, covered, for up to one week. That is also fantastic candidate because that freezing y will store in los freezer because that up to tres months.

It freezes well in these plastic containers. Make a double batch and freeze half for later on – that way, if you’re emotion under the weather yet still must feed ns troops, you’re currently covered. As un bonus, ns soup will work-related its healing powers on girlfriend with no extra prep.

How perform you reheat?

Reheat soup in los microwave or in uno small saucepan on low heat.

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