Ho chi Minh thành phố (aka Saigon) is filled with hot chicks. A lot of them work for their money too, if you know what I mean. There are no go go bars for foreign suckers khổng lồ spend hundreds of dollars in, but the local places are pretty damn good. Unfortunately, I haven’t had a ton of luck with the hugging cafes in Saigon. But I vì have some experience.

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These “ca phe om” are basically small coffee shops where you can hook up with chicks. Supposedly, you can get sucked off or even fuck in these places, but I’ve never seen it in Saigon. I’ve only seen it in smaller cities and on some hidden cam footage posted online.

I did find some really hot chicks in a sexy cà phê near the moat once in HCMC once, but I was never able khổng lồ find my way back. Và that was before I had Google maps in my pocket. The chicks inside looked like models. They wore tight red dresses. Their cleavage popped out of the top & their panties peaked out every time they bent over to serve up a drink, but I didn’t see anyone hugging them let alone a getting blowjob. So I just drank my coffee và left.

District 5

More recently I found a coffe with sexy chicks near some blowjob barbershops in District 5. It almost looks lượt thích a hostess bar, but the girls are way better looking. The customers are all Vietnamese. Some go inside & some hang out front, but nothing nasty seems to lớn be going on. They had a smoking hot chick in a nội y DJing one night but that was it. I got one of the girl’s numbers và she wanted to date, but she and another seemed repulsed when I hinted at any kind of sex for money even though they were really interested to lớn hang around a foreigner and practice their English. So I guess it’s more of a sexy cafe than a hugging cafe.

District 8

I did find some more naughty cafes on The Hein Street in District 8 after finding an old article about ca phe oms that has since been taken offline. As the article says there are a lot of cafes there. They have numbers for names and neon lights, but they’re back off the road. They’re all dirty và dark inside with typical shitty seats. I checked out a few to see what I could find.

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In one the chicks looked shocked to see me. I just rolled in an had a seat anyway. A thick but decent looking chick in a dress came over & asked me what I wanted to lớn drink. When she came back, she pointed khổng lồ another guy who had a chick lap khiêu vũ him and asked me something in Vietnamese. I figured she was asking me if I wanted that, so I said yea! She lifted her skirt lớn reveal her round panty covered ass & sat right on me. She kept saying I was handsome & calling out to lớn all the other chicks lớn show off.


I felt all around her ass and her big boobs over her dress. I also discreetly lifted her dress & put my hand down her panties a bit to feel her big bush. She must have felt my hard on because she joked about it và reached back and grabbed it. She even jerked it through the pants a bit. Finally, an older chick came over to lớn gossip with her about something. She had the biggest tits I’ve ever seen in Vietnam. I kept staring at the them. My chick pretended to be jealous before finally laughing and touching them. I took it as an invite và touched them too. It was lượt thích fondling a ten pound sack of jello.

Eventually my boner went away and I got bored, so I just asked for the check. I think it was lượt thích 100,000 VND. I threw in a 100,000 VND tip, which is probably way too much, and left. She said thank you in Vietnamese và seemed happy. I didn’t get sucked off, but I had some fun for less than ten bucks. My only regret was that I didn’t get lớn talk khổng lồ the super sexy chick who spent the whole time in the corner on her phone. She was probably 19 và looked awesome. I need khổng lồ take Vietnamese lessons.

May I have another?

I wandered into another cafe nearby but it was horrible. There was one chick inside who looked lượt thích a zombie and had more interest in a little dog in the cà phê than me. So, I turned around và walked out. Then it started raining. I was on foot, so I just ran over to lớn the next cà phê I could find. There was a guy in the back sitting with a chick, but she wasn’t grinding on him or anything. They were both looking at Facebook with dull expressions on their faces. Dumb!

The only other chick was an old & skinny chick, but I wanted khổng lồ find out if I could get sucked off. I ordered a beer. She came back with it và got on đứng top of me, but it wasn’t sexy at all. It actually hurt. Somehow she felt heavier than the thick chick who just spent an hour sliding around on my groin. Either that or her bony ass was causing problems. I tried to lớn make some basic conversation with her, but all she really talked about was her daughter & needing money for food. Not very sexy.

I asked her what she could do for food. She told me she could go khổng lồ a nearby khách sạn with me for 1,000,000 Dong. That’s almost $50. You can bang really hot chicks in Vietnam for that, & this was a chick I probably wouldn’t fuck for free. I passed, but I also felt bad. I am pretty immune lớn hustlers but this old lady actually looked like she was in need. I ended up giving her 400,000 Dong, which is almost $20 American. She was super happy, & it cost me less than a single lap dance back home. Maybe I’m getting soft.

At the time I was getting blue balls. So I headed over lớn a massage place I love và got a nice bath, rub down and suck job to kết thúc the night. I didn’t give up on the Saigon ca phe om scene though. I will try again!