Bodegas lópez de heredia

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Spring and New Arrivals from Champagne after a long, dark, and anxious winter, feather is ultimately here! ns days are longer, the tariffs have actually been suspended, and the air is sweet (though it"s absolutely hard to tell representar behind our masks). And with spring us are lastly seeing los arrival of a passel of new wines. And of the nuevo arrivals, no
profesor universitario Rafael López ese Heredia (photo from Lopez de Heredia website) Lopez después Heredia Share no

Since its establishing in 1877, Bodega R.Lopezde Heredia has actually produced los benchmark wines of the Rioja region. For the past 142 years, los estate"s wines have represented Rioja"s unique style y terroir to the world. Unlike the vast majority of estates and cooperatives in los region, ns estate has actually remained continuously family-owned, y only ever developed wines representar grapes within ns Rioja DOC. These wines are well suitable to cellaring, however approachable y exciting to drink now.

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The wines on sell today space the fabricar of four vineyards:ViñaTondonia, el Bosque,Viña Cubillas,and ViñaZaconia. Every vineyard isplanted with the traditional grape arrays of Rioja: the red grapes Tempranillo, Garnacha, Mazuelo, andGraciano in los Tondonia, los Bosque, y Cubillas vineyards; y the white grapes Viura y Malvasia in theViñaZaconiaand theViñaTondonia.

TheViñaTondonia, uno more than 100 hectare assemblage that vineyards got by los estate in 1913, is positioned on un large meander of ns river Ebro for which the is called (from ns Latinrotundus"round"). This is ns largest vineyard owned and worked by theLopezestate, y the grapes are provided in ns production that both white y red preventivo wines, and in superior years un small number of gran Reserva bottles.

The 15 hectare ns Bosque vineyard is located uno kilometre away from the winery in Haro in the foothills the theSierra Cantabriamountain range, and produces red Reserva wines and red grande Reserva bottlings in ns best years. Ns vineyard"s position on southfacing slopes that clay y limestone allows for optimal ripening conditions that yield elegant and full-bodied wines.

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TheViña Cubillasvineyardis situated on cuarenta hectares along ns Ebro roughly four kilometers representar Haro, at ns slightly lower elevation 보다 the el Bosque vineyard. Ns vineyard consists of dos plots:"La Encina" and "La Monja." Both vineyards room planted exclusively with red grapes, y the wines produced are classified together crianza.

ViñaZaconia, uniquely planted with exclusively Viura, lies on steep del sur facing slopes along ns Ebro. The 24 hectares are on poor, stony white soils the yield balanced and concentrated white wines.

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Today we space excited to offer a limitado selection of one-of-a-kind Reserva y Gran reserva wines from this commemorated estate. In addition, we desire to highlight ns exceptional worth of ns Tondonia Reserva and Viña Cubillo Crianza bottlings.