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no andrew Lincoln's Unused Ending principle For los Walking Dead Is Perfect In 2017, andrés Lincoln laid fuera de his dream ending for his character, rick Grimes — here"s why Lincoln"s destinadas would have been the perfect ending.


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andrés Lincoln proposed the perfect ending for The go Dead back in 2017. While ns ending at some point went unused, Lincoln"s idea for sheriff Rick Grime"s fatality would have made an tremendous conclusion for both his character and the series. Rick left los main series in season 9 after an explosion supposed to protect ns survivor"s communities from a peatonal horde wash him abajo the river; instead of using los ending Lincoln proposed, the showrunners choose to offer Rick Grimes his own series of movies to wrap up his story.

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In ns panel throughout PaleyFest LA in march 2017, Lincoln described ns ultimate finale for his character. Lincoln sets los scene, explicate the grupo on a bus in un desert setting. Rick jumps turn off in uno heroic move to distract a horde the walkers, y he is bitten by un walker. Letting those he cares about continue come safety, stack patches self up y waits because that his inevitable end; but the fin doesn"t come. Establish he might be a possible cure for los zombie torment himself, stack stands to follow his love ones, y an oncoming horde of walkers components to permit him through. Though his shipment was met con laughter, Lincoln explained that producer Greg Nicotero urged him no to re-superstructure it with too many civilization as it was uno good idea, and creator Robert Kirkman called the whole story "cute." Unfortunately, Rick"s historia has gone in ns much different direction.

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While Rick"s current historia has potential for un movie trilogy, the hardly feels like a satisfying ending in its existing state. His character"s morals can be controversial at times, yet in his heart, Rick aims to be the hero in every situation. That willingly sacrificed his life in season 9 to save his community, yet saving the day through uno cure would be ns much more fitting fin for the sheriff than disappearing after an explosion. Though the idea of having one immune savior is un little cliche, if The wade Dead were to have actually one, stack is un likely candidate. Lincoln"s ending also keeps cuchillo alive, together he rightfully must be walking by ns comics. The image of Carl y Rick fighting come restore culture side-by-side is a truly beautiful one. It would also enable Rick come be present for los Commonwealth arc, and could neatly wrap increase the series right after the final big negative was slain.

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in between humorous bouts that "Carlarlarlarl"s, Lincoln paints un beautiful fin for both Rick y the series. Many importantly, this finale would provide hope for a possible future for humanity; if stack is un cure, there"s uno chance the beating ns apocalypse that has wiped el fin almost every side of society. However, it would also do Rick"s personality — and the comics — much better justice 보다 his existing storyline has. Carl"s dream, which Rick adopted after Carl"s death, was uno utopia filled with peace; a cure might get them much closer to their mutual dream.

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This ending could also collection up one more spin-off in the walking Dead world that explores ns implications of a cure; would certainly it be offered to prevent humans desde turning, or could it allow walkers to be human again? What would ns walker-turned-human also look like? over there are ns million questions to answer surrounding uno cure that could have quickly sustained its own series. Instead, Walking Dead fans may never know if ns walker cure exists.